Thursday, April 24, 2008

Favorite Things

When trying to come up with a blog entry for today I decided to list a few of my favorite things.Things that bring me great joy.Things that bless me.Things that make me smile.Hope you enjoy my list.And I hope you'll share some of your own favorite things with me as well.Now on to my list.I decided to list things by two's.This is not an exhaustive list.Just a few things I love:
2 Favorite Books:
1.My NKJV Bible
2.The Seer(By James Goll)
2 Favorite Foods:
2 Favorite Songs:
1.Praise You In This Storm
2.Word of God Speak
2 Favorite Groups:
1.Casting Crowns
2.Mercy Me
2 Favorite Blogs:
2 Favorite Christian singers:
1.Chris Tomlin
2.Scott Krippayne
2 Favorite Secular singers:
1.Josh Groban
2.Andrea Bocelli
2 Favorite Flowers
1.Purple Pansies
2.Blue Hydrangeas
2 Favorite Magazines:
2.Birds n Blooms
2 Favorite Chocolates:
2 Favorite Animals:
1.Our Cat"Shadow"
2.Black Labs
2 Favorite Colors:
2 Favorite Ice Cream Flavors:
1.Blue Bunny's Banana Graham-a-Rama
2.Tin Roof Sundae
Well,here's my list.I could have probably gone on much longer for I have many things that bring me joy.Many things that interest me.But my husband and cat are awake now so my day must begin in earnest.I hope that you,my dear readers,will share some of your favorite things with me.


Barbara said...

Interesting. You have some of my favourite things down there too.Belgium chocolate certainly caught my eye.

Sharon L Goemaere said...

Hi Barbara,
Thanks for stopping by!Husband Steve and I tried Belgian Chocolates a few years back.Oh my goodness,they were heavenly!!American chocolates do not compare...LOL...Have a blessed day~Sharon