Monday, October 17, 2005


God's word in Proverbs 29:18 a says"Where there is no vision the people perish."I had to go give blood last Friday.Again.Though I was successfully cardioverted in early September it is standard procedure to keep people on the atrial fibrillation medicine(s)for a few months post-procedure to keep the heart stabilized(I guess).As I left our apartment to drive to our local hospital I noticed how gray the day was outside.It had rained heavily the night before.I saw the evidence as it dripped down the windows of our van in small streams.I also noticed the fog that now shrouded our town like a thin,damp blanket.Evidence of skies that had attempted to rid itself of the heavy rain-filled clouds at some point.We often awaken to fog this time of year when skies that have rained in the night attempt to clear near sunrise.I climbed in the van and felt grateful for it's shelter.Though it was not extremely cold out the fog's dampness had made me shiver.I turned on the ignition.The lights.The heater and defroster.As I drove in the direction of the hospital I was grateful that it was late enough that my drive would not be impeded by school buses.All the schools nearby were in session already.I noticed our town as I drove.The drive,though short was incredibly beautiful.Trees laden with leaves in all their autumnal glory stood in fiery contrast to the pale,ghostly fog that had descended upon our town.Brilliant reds.Warm oranges.Sunny golds.A real bright spot on a dark morning.As I turned right to begin my drive up the hill to the hospital I noticed sun breaking through the fog and clouds.I relished it's warmth.I also could not miss it's beauty as it's golden rays shone through the fog that surrounded a grove of fir trees in someone's yard.I imagined that's how it must have looked at the dawn of creation when God said"Let there be light."As I reached my destination I noticed how quickly my windows had defrosted once I had put the heater on high.At that moment it hit me that the heat(combined with the air from the defroster)had cleared my vision.My ability to see things clearly had been helped by intense heat.That's just like our lives.God turns on the heat.If need be He turns it up on high.But He never leaves us.He also adds the wind,the breath, the air of His Holy Spirit.The Comforter.The end result(hopefully)is greater vision.Clearer vision.The ability to see clearly what is truly important.The ability to see what our gifts and calling from God are.The vision to pursue and capture those long held dreams He has placed within us.And most importantly to see God as He really is.Loving.Just.Faithful.And right beside you all the way no matter how high the heat is turned up in your life.