Monday, March 19, 2007

An Update on My Life

How thrilled I am to be back at my blog and able to post something.Anything.There have been several things going on here that have kept me away from this part of my life.Health issues again.I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.I was totally unaware I had it.No wonder I had not been feeling rested for a few months now.I was'nt getting restorative sleep at night.But I see the hand of God in even this.He placed just the right male nurse at my cardioversion back in Janruary.This man named Mike suffers with sleep apnea as well.He saw I was breathing oddly while under anesthesia.Said I should have a sleep study done.I listened.And did.Test results revealed sleep apnea.I will have another sleep study done this month.This time while wearing a c-pap mask.It will help me to breathe better while asleep.The apnea could even be to blame for some strange dreams I'd been having at night.Who knew?So pray for me as I,with God's help attempt to get my health much improved.I know the mask will be the first step.
We have a new addition here at home.My husband Steve and I are huge animal lovers.Dogs.Cats.Birds.We love them all.After much debate we have gotten a cat.A rescued cat.I guess at 6 months old he is still considered a kitten.He is completely black with lovely green eyes.He has just the right amount of spunk.He has been named"Shadow."He would not respond to"Nigel"which means"black haired one.""Dempsey"was a creative name but"Shadow"suits his personality as well as his color.He loves to follow us around the apartment hence the name we gave him.He brings a little bit of sunshine to our lives.God is good that way.He gives just the right gifts at the right time.
Speaking of sunshine and gifts we had 3 wonderful spring-like days here last week in our part of Oregon.Just enough warmth to make all the daffodils and crocus bloom.And the pink cherry trees.Oh my goodness.A bit of heaven on earth here in town right now.Their color is amazing but their fragrance is simply divine!We had to be in Salem during this warm spell one day.Instead of the smell of exhaust from the car in front of us last Friday we were blessed with the scent of cherry trees in bloom.What an amazing God we serve.I never cease to be amazed by His creativity and beauty that is evidenced each spring.New life.New color.New season.Life after the season of death.Though today is gray and rainy I know more lovely days are just ahead.I can see the evidence!And my heart rejoices.Happy Spring everyone(know I'm a couple days early) and may His beauty and creativity give you cause to reflect as well as rejoice.