Saturday, November 11, 2006

I Have Good News

If you have read my blog very much you know I have had a few bouts over the last four years with an irregular heartbeat(called atrial fibrillation).I believe 3 bouts is the actual number.Anyhow,when it rears it's ugly head I have to go through a season of blood draws at our local hospital so that the cardiologist can monitor the blood thinner they paut me on.A-fib puts one at greater risk for heart attack and stroke so keeping the blood thinned out is essential.I am also put on other meds to keep the heart rate down.Recently,the cardiologist I was seeing moved to Texas.He had been given an offer he could not refuse.He is extremely thorough.Seeing me for the first time he decided he wanted to rule out heart disease and such as the underlying cause for the irregular heartbeat that has been showing up almost yearly for 4 years now.He ran a series of tests on my heart and had some bloodwork done up too.God is so good.The heart tests revealed no clogs or blockages anywhere!I know my oameal consumption would pay off eventually.I love the stuff fortunately.The bloodwork was fine too.No elevated,cholesterol,etc.All is as it should be in those areas.I am thrilled.I will be cardioverted back into a regular rhythm and soon I hope.I am also hopeful that this time it will work permanently.So please pray for me on this dear readers.I want to get back to exercising like I was and enjoying life without having the confinement caused by a heart that beats out of rhythm.The doctor has said that if it does not work I can consider a pacemaker.That is too invasive for me at this point.I am believing God can and will allow this next cardioversion will work.He is Jehovah-Rapha...the God that heals us.I am believing Him for that and I hope you will too.Thanks so much and God Bless.