Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Soul's Cry

This post is somewhat different than my other ones.As much as I love celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this was a stressful and painful Christmas for me.The reasons for it shall remain unspoken of here.Though I am now hopeful that things will soon change I wrote the following on Christmas Day:

My Soul's Cry
My soul is grieved within me.Sorrow has covered me like a shroud.Oh how I long for the light of Your joy to renew me.To fill mylife with light once again.And yet I wander about in a fog.A darkness that seems to hide the light of Your presence.I long to be free of those chains that seem to bind me to my sorrow.To soar once again like the eagle.To ride on the wind of Your Holy Spirit.To look down upon the mountaintops from where Your Spirit has carried me.To see things from Your perspective.To truly know that all will be well and to know You as You know me.This is the cry of my heart today Father God.
As I finished what I thought was going to be a poem I realized it really was more of a prayer to my Heavenly Father.It was the cry of my heart on Sunday and it is still the cry of my heart today to see things from Heaven's perspective.To know my Father as He knows me.To soar above the sadness that poured from my heart as I originally wrote this prayer.I pray that you will take comfort from this and make this prayer your own.Insert your own name where appropriate.Personalize it.Make it your own.Make it your own heart and soul's cry.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Merry Christmas everyone!I obviously have not posted in awhile here.Life was busy.Too busy.I was feeling uninspired.Too many things clouded my mind.Mostly doctor's appointments and such for my husband and I.In spite of it all I found so much to be grateful for as we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary,Thanksgiving and my 44th birthday all within a space of about 2 weeks starting November 21st!I have always loved the Autumn and Winter time of year.Even before moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1991.I relished the cooler temperatures that I knew would be arriving soon(I grew up in Sacramento).I did'nt even mind the lack of light here in the Northwest(my Irish complexion definitely prefers the rain soaked Northwest to California's sunshine).I have friends(who will remain nameless)who prefer summer time.When they think of Autumn and Winter they think of death.Steve and I both thought about death today too.We went to visit some former neighbors today.A lovely Christian senior couple.The husband is dying of cancer.This will be his last Christmas on earth here.He has maybe a month left.We celebrate the birth of Christ this month.New life.God's arrival in the flesh.Emmanuel.God with us.And yet we were talking about and dealing with the impending death of a friend.You would not have known it though to listen in on our conversations today or to hear our laughter.All of us gathered there are believers in Jesus Christ.Because of that we can have hope in the midst of grief.Laughter though we know we'll shed some tears soon when our dear friend is promoted to heaven.Life in the midst of death.And for our dear friend his body may be dying but his spirit,his inner man,is flourishing.Growing.Full of life.And that is why we can say with Paul"Therefore we do not lose heart.Even though our outward man is perishing,yet the inward man is being renewed day by day."Life and death in one body.But because of the hope we have in Emmanuel,God with us, we are able to face even the impending death of a friend.May God bless each of you with a beautiful Christmas and a joy filled New Year.

Monday, October 17, 2005


God's word in Proverbs 29:18 a says"Where there is no vision the people perish."I had to go give blood last Friday.Again.Though I was successfully cardioverted in early September it is standard procedure to keep people on the atrial fibrillation medicine(s)for a few months post-procedure to keep the heart stabilized(I guess).As I left our apartment to drive to our local hospital I noticed how gray the day was outside.It had rained heavily the night before.I saw the evidence as it dripped down the windows of our van in small streams.I also noticed the fog that now shrouded our town like a thin,damp blanket.Evidence of skies that had attempted to rid itself of the heavy rain-filled clouds at some point.We often awaken to fog this time of year when skies that have rained in the night attempt to clear near sunrise.I climbed in the van and felt grateful for it's shelter.Though it was not extremely cold out the fog's dampness had made me shiver.I turned on the ignition.The lights.The heater and defroster.As I drove in the direction of the hospital I was grateful that it was late enough that my drive would not be impeded by school buses.All the schools nearby were in session already.I noticed our town as I drove.The drive,though short was incredibly beautiful.Trees laden with leaves in all their autumnal glory stood in fiery contrast to the pale,ghostly fog that had descended upon our town.Brilliant reds.Warm oranges.Sunny golds.A real bright spot on a dark morning.As I turned right to begin my drive up the hill to the hospital I noticed sun breaking through the fog and clouds.I relished it's warmth.I also could not miss it's beauty as it's golden rays shone through the fog that surrounded a grove of fir trees in someone's yard.I imagined that's how it must have looked at the dawn of creation when God said"Let there be light."As I reached my destination I noticed how quickly my windows had defrosted once I had put the heater on high.At that moment it hit me that the heat(combined with the air from the defroster)had cleared my vision.My ability to see things clearly had been helped by intense heat.That's just like our lives.God turns on the heat.If need be He turns it up on high.But He never leaves us.He also adds the wind,the breath, the air of His Holy Spirit.The Comforter.The end result(hopefully)is greater vision.Clearer vision.The ability to see clearly what is truly important.The ability to see what our gifts and calling from God are.The vision to pursue and capture those long held dreams He has placed within us.And most importantly to see God as He really is.Loving.Just.Faithful.And right beside you all the way no matter how high the heat is turned up in your life.

Monday, September 26, 2005


My Praise
Lord, I wish I could praise You with adequate wordsBut You leave me speechless.And I so long to sing you the song You deserve.But it would be endless.I long to move Your heart. I bring You something new.I tell how great You are.Till my praise to You...Is like an ocean breeze blowing on Your face.Like a summer sun with its warm embrace.Like a gentle rain plays a symphony.That's what I want my praise to be.Like a fragrant rose in the early spring.Like an eagle soars when it spreads its wings.Whatever, Lord, You may need from me.That's what I want my praise to be to You.Everything I could give, You already possess Lord, I'm so unworthyI'm just one of the millions to stand and confess.And yet still You hear me.Your heart is open wide.You long for what I bring.I pray somehowYou'll find this simple offering...-- "My Praise" by Dan Dean, Dave Clark, and Don Koch
As I wondered what to blog about(if anything)this morning the lyrics to the above song came to mind.It is one of my favorite songs.Jesus often does leave me speechless(although my husband would most likely gently protest the"speechless"part.)Bless his heart....he loves me very much AND is so patient with my verbal ramblings.I am one blessed woman.There is so much to praise Jesus for.Simple things we take for granted.Did you enjoy a hot shower this morning?I know I did.Many do not even have a home to shower in.Can you see the sunrise this morning?I can.It's beautiful.But many have NEVER seen it due to congenital blindness.Are you listening to beautiful music right now?I am(Eden's Bridge"Celtic Worship).Many cannot even hear the sound of rain falling or the wind blowing or the beauty of backyard songbirds.So much to praise Him for.How often do we whisper a heavenward"Thank You?"Psalm 59:16(NIV) says"But I will sing of Your strength, in the morning I will sing of Your love;for You are my fortress,my refuge in times of trouble."Beginning one's day with praise to our Refuge,our God is an awesome way to begin your day.And it sets the tone for the rest of your day.Praise Him!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


"I am the Vine and you are the branches.Whoever lives in Me and I in him bears much(abundant)fruit.However,apart from Me--cut off from vital union with Me--you can do nothing."(John 15:5 Amplified Bible)I have not posted in awhile.It's been a busy time here on many levels.I also had a brief reoccurring bout with atrial fibrillation.This was the second time in 3 years this has shown up.My heartbeat gets irregular during times of stress.So I have not been feeling well physically.I am better now after a successful cardioversion.But I have also been feeling uninspired.Void of all original thought.Not really down in the dumps,just kind of numb I guess.When one is under stress of any kind it can affect you on every level.I was dealing with stuff in my body.I was incredibly grieved over what happened to those affected by Hurricane Katrina.I had prayed ALOT in recent days.But I still felt numb.Uncreative.Dull.I wanted to blog.To journal.But nothing would come.As I stood at the kitchen sink this morning preparing to load the dishwasher I heard Jesus speak"Apart from Me you can do nothing."I had been praying to Him but not abiding in Him.I was not"dwelling"with Him.Some synonyms of the word abide are to stay,remain,tarry,linger.It is so much more than a hurried prayer for my irregular heartbeat.So much more than an emotional plea sent heavenward for the victims of a massive and devastating hurricane.It is clearing my agenda and sitting in His presence.Getting my creative spark ignited by time spent with Him.Tarrying with Him.Getting His agenda for my day.Letting the creativity of God flow through me from Him to any lives I may touch.Just"being"instead of always"doing."Not cutting myself off from the One who is the source of all that is creative and the One who is life itself.Father,may we all learn what it means to truly abide in You.And may You find us faithfully doing that very thing.You are life itself.Apart from You we can do nothing that will have lasting and eternal value.Help us to dwell with You daily.To produce beautiful and lasting fruit for Your glory......Amen.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I have been pondering God and HIS goodness the last day or so.Steve had been really enjoying his hot shower yesterday due to a sore back and neck.He'd been in there awhile and said"Though I'm really enjoying this,all good things must come to an end."Without a second thought I said"God's goodness never comes to an end."A quick study of God's word proved me right. :-)Psalm 52:1(NKJV)says"Why do you boast in evil,O mighty man?The goodness of God endures continually.Think of that people of God!His goodness endures continually.Everlasting and eternal goodness!I find that incredible and worthy of praise.That even when our lives appear to be void of HIS presence much less HIS goodness we have HIS promise that HIS goodness is eternal.Neverending.Another scripture that speaks of HIS goodness is Psalm 27:13(NKJV)which says"I would have lost heart,unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living."I love that one in particular for God gave it to me years ago when we first entered the refiners fire.Those who know my husband and I know we have been through ALOT.I thank God for HIS word.I thank God for HIS goodness.I have continued to hold on to Psalm 27:13 as HIS personal promise to us.That we would see HIS goodness in the land of the living.Are you facing something that is causing you to doubt HIS goodness?Run to HIM!Memorize these promises in HIS word.Look for something,anything in your life(no matter how small)that is proof of HIS goodness!I'm not asking you to do something I have not had to do myself!:-)

Prayer:Father,I ask that you pour out your tangible goodness on those who read these words.Especially on those who may be feeling as if their very life is being sucked out of them by their circumstances.I'm asking as your daughter and as one who's been there.I love YOU.


Thursday, August 11, 2005


There is a male in my life other than my husband and step-son who loves me.He is someone other than God too.In fact he is not related to me at all.He is black.And short.And he has loved me from the moment we met after we moved into this complex in June.He lives in the next building to the west of us.And he is crazy about me.His name is Buddy.Every time he sees me he runs to greet me.He has four legs and is a part Terrier,part Bichon Frise puppy owned by our neighbor Robert and his wife. :-)From the beginning Buddy was never afraid of me much to the amazement of Robert.One of the other long time tenants called Buddy cute once.Buddy ran away from them as fast as he could.But he has never done that with me.I think Buddy knows I love animals of all types.He knows I would never hurt him in any way or any animal.Buddy is simply adorable with black,slightly out of control fur and huge brown eyes.He fills me with joy every time I see him.I love to see his enthusiastic response to my presence.On more than one occasion Buddy has almost choked himself with his own leash while straining hard to get to me and just lavish his puppy love upon me.He is usually out of breath and panting some by the time he reaches me but he still lavishes his love on me.I do not know why he loves me like he does.He just does.I have not given him food or shelter or puppy treats.He just loves me because he sees something in me that perhaps only a puppy can see.God is like that.He simply loves us because.We cannot earn His love.He delights in our presence.And I think it makes Him happy when we come to Him and just lavish our love on Him like Buddy does me.Our desire to lavish love on God should be with the same passion that Buddy exhibits with me.Straining with all that is in us to be in His presence and lavish our love on mGod.We should have the same excitement about being in God's presence.Psalm 42:1 says"As the deer pants for streams of water,so my soul pants for you O God."If your longing to be in His presence just because is or has been waning ask Him to fill you with that love and passion once again.A passion to just love God again.No strings attached.Just because.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Ecclesiastes 3:1 says"There is a time for everything,and a season for every activity under heaven."I thought of this particular verse recently as Steve and I were heading to a garage sale(did I mention we love garage sales? :-) ).It was out in the country and was on a road called"Irish Glen Lane."Now,being of Irish ancestry on my dad's side of the family,I really love the name of that lane.It conjures up lovely images of green,windswept countryside and ancient,crumbling castles.As I drove us to this sale I was noticing our own countryside.Large clumps of evergreen trees and shrubs dotted the landscape broken up only by large,yellow patches of freshly mowed hay.The hay had not been bundled(baled?) yet.Acres of it lay strewn about the ground like wounded soldiers after an intense battle.I liked the look of it.It reminded me that autumn is just around the corner.Yes,I know summer has not been here very long weather wise in Oregon.But I just love autumn.I love it's cooler weather.The misty mornings. The riot of warm color that falls from the sky when a brisk wind detaches leaves from their delicate hold on trees.These things fill me with joy and anticipation.As I observed and pondered all this I realized something else.That more than my love of autumn I liked watching the change,the transition of one season into another(my favorite though being the summer to autumn due to being born and raised in Sacramento till moving to Oregon at age 30).Each season has it's beauty.It's joys and blessings.It also has it's pitfalls.It is just like the seasons of our lives.We have our joy-filled times and our times of sorrow and even death.But seasons change.We do not live in an endless summer.And winter is not a permanent fixture either.And through all these changes in the seasons whether on the calendar or in our lives Jesus is there through summer and winter.Good times and bad.He does not change.He says in Malachi 3:6"I am the Lord,I change not.... ."He is ever faithful.Always loving.Always there.HE can be trusted to be there for you no matter what season you find yourself in at this time in your life.Blessings to all.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Grief and Loss

Last night was a rough night for both my husband and I.Sleep just eluded us both for awhile.It may have been the heat.Most apartments in Oregon have no AC as we generally have mild weather in our area year round.We have to be content with fans which sometimes offer small comfort.It was also a rough night with my atrial fibrillation.As we lay there trying to drift off my mind wandered here and there in between prayers to the Father for sleep to descend upon us both.I thought of losses and how we grieve losses in one way or another.I have faced some losses in my lifetime as all of you have.I never knew my earthly father.Loss.My mom went to be with Jesus in 2001.Grief and loss.I still miss her.After marrying in 1992 at almost 31 I faced years of infertility.Loss of a dream however small.In 2004 I faced major surgery for endometrial cancer that forever sealed my fate as a woman who would never have children of her own.More loss.Currently I have to be careful just how much and how heavily I exercise as I must not get my heart rate too high until after I am cardioverted for this atrial fibrillation.I see this as a temporary loss of freedom to exercise as hard as I want to.There have been other losses too in our lives such as jobs and my husband's first marriage.Now please don't think I lay in bed nightly and think such sad things beacause I don't.That would cause insomnia for sure.I thought of all we have faced as a couple and I just had to praise and thank God for we are still alive.We are still here.We still find things to laugh about.We can still find joy in a sunrise or a flower or the smell of a summer morning.Our grief and loss has not and will not consume us because God is still in control and HE still loves us and we HIM in spite of what HE has allowed in our lives.I know there is an end to all this.And we can say with Jeremiah"Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope.Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed,for HIS compassions never fail.They are new every morning;great is your faithfulness."(Lamentations 3:21-23)No matter what you are facing right now remember this...God does love you and as long as you are still living and breathing there is always room for hope in your heart because God can be trusted to carry you through!God bless all.

Monday, August 01, 2005


I've been thinking about devotion and committment in recent days.About the need for such things whether it involves a job,a ministry or a spouse.Or most importantly God.I have also been thinking alot about dogs.My husband and I,though renters,love dogs.Alot.As renters of an apartment we cannot have pets of any kind.Some places allow them if you are willing to pay an extremely high deposit.We are not.So,we spoil other people's dogs.Mostly at garage sales.I have been known to stop at a sale just because I saw a big,friendly looking dog out front. :-)And on more than one occasion a garage sale dog has tried to come home with us.Occasionally we run across dogs that are less than friendly.Not mean.Just not focused on us or our attempts to get their attention.I saw one such dog in a vehicle recently at a local store.No matter how much I called to him he ignored me.He was focused on his owner.His master.At that moment I thought I heard the Lord whispering to me.I heard him say "that's devotion."That dog's main focus was seeing his master's face.I realized at that point that I was merely a distraction to that dog.His focus was elsewhere.It was on the one who loved him,fed him and cared for his daily needs.I saw how that is exactly like the Lord in our lives.He is the ONE who loves us and cares for us and feeds us.Both physically and in our spirits.But unlike that dog there are many distractions that pull us away from our devotion to our Master.Even ministry can be a distraction if we are so busy ministering that we forget the ONE we are doing it for.It can happen.Divided loyalties.Misspent time.As I watched this dog I also thought of Anna the prophetess.In Luke 2:36-37 it says"There was also a Prophetess,Anna,the daughter of Phanuel,of the tribe of Asher.She was very old:she had lived with her husband seven years after her marriage,and then was a widow until she was eighty four.She never left the temple but worshipped night and day,fasting and praying."Now that to me was devotion.I admire that lady.In the midst of her grieving she remained devoted to God.She remained in the temple night and day fasting and praying.There are times in my life I have found it difficult to pray for one hour.But not Anna.I also thought of the Apostle Paul.Acts 20:24 says"However I consider my life worth nothing to me(KJV says but none of these things move me;I like that version best),if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me-the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace."Paul was able to say this after the Holy Spirit had warned him that prison and hardships faced him.But he was devoted to God and God's call on his life.And therefore he was able to endure anything he faced knowing the ONE who called him would also equip him to endure.I don't know what lies ahead for any of us but I do know God can be trusted.He will enable us to endure if we keep our focus on and committment to HIM.May God richly bless and encourage you this day.
Much Love,Sharon

Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm Baaaaaccckkkk

After a lengthy hiatus I have finally been able to return to my blog.I had computer issues on my new Dell(needed to update my virus protection for one thing).We downsized to an apartment and officially moved in on June 17th.Unpacking and getting settled was more laborious than I had planned on.Then my husband had to have surgery on his neck/back.He was having painful spasms that surgery may correct.He had it last Thursday(7-21-05).He came through with flying colors!Praise God for that!That night I ended up in our local ER.My heart had gone back into an irregular rhythm called Atrial Fibrillation.It did this in May of 2002 as well during another very stressful time in my life.For several days I had to go to the ER every 12 hours for a Lovenox shot.It's a blood thinner.I am back on several meds for the A-Fib.I see a cardiologist this morning for further testing.Now I could give into FEAR(False Evidence Appearing Real)but I have chosen to believe and trust God for this.I believe this is a test.This is only a test.I expect a full and complete recovery and restoration of my regular heart rhythm and soon!My husband I have been through fire and water the last 3 years and we have seen God's faithfulness daily.HIS power and ability to sustain us constantly amazes me.Truly we can say with the Psalmist"My flesh and my heart may fail,but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."(Psalm 73:26)I don't know what you may be facing today but I do know this.....God can be trusted to bring you through it.HE never fails.Yes,we face hard times,painful times,times of sorrow here on earth.BUT there is an eventual end to even all this.And God will see you through.Dare to trust HIM for whatever you're facing this day!
Till next time,Sharon

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Flux and God's Faithfulness

It has been awhile since I have posted on here.The reasons are as follows.....I could not seem to access blogger at all.It was having a major fit apparently.I could not even access it to read comments on my first feeble attempts at blogging.Praise God anyhow.The second reason is I have just been extremely busy here.Changes(Flux) are coming here at home and soon.We are downsizing and moving in June.What we thought was a closed door was suddenly opened(God's Faithfulness).He is so very faithful when we trust Him.And when we don't He still remains faithful.The changes that are coming will be a good thing.Steve(a heart patient)will not have to do yardwork.I will still get to have my laundry set(it's a woman thing :-) .We are hoping(preparing)to have a huge garage sale before we move.It's all just"stuff"anyhow.Things we can replace if we need to.And none of it will be following us into eternity.I feel almost giddy at the thought of paring down.Of course we will save things of truly sentimental value.But even those things will not follow us into eternity with our ever-faithful God.Speaking of our ever-faithful God....My husband has found a P/T delivery job to supplement his disability each month.God is good ALL the time.His Son is awesome too!Have you met Him?His name is Jesus.I love Him with all my heart.I hope you do too.I am not sure how often I will be able to post on here over the next month or so but I will try and check in often.And even post if feeling inspired or having a spare moment.God bless everyone.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Busy Days and Simple Joys

Psalm 4:7-8 says"You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.I will lie down and sleep in peace for You alone,O Lord,make me dwell in safety.

Yesterday had been a very busy day for Steve and I.It was sunny and warm and the perfect day to drive into Salem to run some errands which included picking up a prescription for Steve locally,taking a bag of clothes to a consignment shop in Salem,getting gas while in Salem,having Wal-Mart fill the aforementioned prescription,returning a shovel to Steve's mom and stopping by his daughter's apartment to see if we could help her washing machine to not leak.Alot of small errands.Some time-consuming(like the washer;we could not fix it).Some not(dropping off the shovel).Warm,sunny weather,although nice,has always had a tendency to tire me out.I have always presumed it to be caused by my very fair Irish complexion(I burn easily and am sun sensitive in other ways too).We finished our errands and made it back to Stayton.Steve napped but I just had to catch up on e-mail.I did'nt nap.I am up early daily so by 5-6 pm I was ready for dinner and relaxing.Steve wanted to mow so I said I would hold the cord to our electric mower for him.I figured I could sit there and hold it and it would'nt take long.I did'nt know God had a little surprise for me.As I sat there while he mowed.I began to notice all 5 of my senses were very much alive at that moment.I noticed how incredibly blue the sky was.How white the puffy,cotton ball clouds were.How bright and warm the evening sun was.How purple our Azalea was.I noticed how beautiful the evening bird songs were.I think they were praising the One who created them. :-)I noticed the smell of the freshly cut lawn...sheer bliss.And I definitely noticed the smell of the neighbors who were grilling steaks just next door to our left.As I held the cord for Steve I began to grin.He had no idea why.I was simply and purely filled with joy at just how incredible and awesome our 5 senses are(I was tactful and did not ask to taste the neighbor's steak.....LOL.....I do love grilled steak though :-) ).I began to grin even more.I was filled with just the most awesome sense of His presence.I think He was smiling at my smiling.I began to thank(in my heart)the One who had created such incredible beauty.No neon light or anything Hollywood produced could compare with the awesomeness of God's beauty and creation.I was given such a gift.The awareness of just how incredible our 5 senses are.And I slept peacefully last night too knowing that the One who created such beauty was also watching over and protecting Steve and I as well!Blessings!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

She's Come Undone

I know what you may be thinking right now!What a title for her second post....am I right? :-)No,I am not a Guess Who fan and I've never read anything by Wally Lamb.This title will make sense soon enough.Sunday was my husband and step-daughter's birthday.Steve turned 53 and April turned 26.We(Steve and I would be joined later that day by his daughter April,his son Justin and April's daughter,Hope who is 4 and pretty darn cute).We were to have a small birthday gathering.I was up early,as usual.But this was a very special day so I was up early making my home-made chili they all love.I like to make it early and let it simmer in the crockpot for hours.Tastes better that way.As I was busy making preparations I realized I need more seasoning so off I went across my kitchen to get the needed seasoning.I managed to get the seasoning but in the process my right shoe somehow caught the shoelace on my left shoe and untied it(I told you my title would make sense).Now,I knew the left shoe had come undone,but did I deal with it right away?Of course not.I had chili to make for my family.It was not until that undone shoelace had almost caused me to trip and fall 3 times that I finally dealt with it.I thought I heard laughter from on High.I knew then that there was a spiritual lesson to be learned here.The Lord reminded me of HIS WORD which says in Song of Songs 2:15"Catch for us the foxes,the little foxes that ruin the vineyard,our vineyards that are in bloom."Yes Lord,I'm listening.He showed me that little things,whether attitudes or tasks or little annoyances,if left undone,not dealt with swiftly and yes,sometimes even harshly can become bigger problems down the road.If left undone the may really trip us up.Just like my shoelace almost did.Father,I thank YOU and praise YOU for YOUR words to me that day.Thank YOU for meeting me Father right where I was(in my kitchen)I thank and praise YOU that I was able to clearly hear and see the lesson YOU had for me that morning.May I never forget it!Amen.Have a blessed day all!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Hello world

This is my first attempt at blogging.I wish to thank 3 people for encouraging me to try this.First of all,I wish to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.Without HIM I am nothing.Secondly,I wish to thank my DH Steve.He has encouraged me to write(something,anything)for years now.He was thrilled to discover that recently I have returned to journaling!I may as well have told him I had won ALOT of money!He was that happy. :-) And last(but definitely not least),I wish to thank Shannon Woodward(www.windscraps.blogspot.com). She has,over the last few months,gently nudged me in this direction.Recently,she told me she liked my description of spring in the Northwest.High praise indeed. :-) Thanks Shannon.I do not know where blogging will take me....if anywhere.I do know I have become somewhat,shall we say,addicted(there,I said it)to reading them.There are so many wonderfully gifted(by God)"Christian bloggers" on the internet.I am daily encouraged,challenged and inspired.I am sometimes just plain amused too.When first considering starting one of my own I feared I would have nothing to say(I can almost hear DH in the background laughing and rolling his eyes).My husband(poor guy)has been my sounding board for almost 13 years now.So,here I am.I pray that God will make me a vessel of encouragement and joy and inspiration and that HE will flow through me as I undertake this newest"challenge"(calling,hobby,task?)called bloggingIt's ALL because of HIM.May the Lord bless each of you this day.