Monday, March 30, 2009

Well Once Again

Many thanks to all who prayed.I am now well once again and have been since Saturday.Steve and I along with granddaughter Hope even managed to make it to church Sunday and were very happy about that!We had missed weeks due to illness and that was no fun at all.It took us so long to find a place we wanted to attend and now that we have we have missed much due to illness.But we're back now and so thankful.We had sunshine yesterday which was an added blessing as this March has been mostly rainy,cold and windy.I am longing for the sun's warmth to remove winter's chill but the weather men here in the Willamette Valley just keep forecasting more valley rain and mountain snow.Arizona and Florida are both looking real good to Steve and I right now. LOL Guess we're pretty typical Oregonians as far as that goes.Many of us love this state we call home but the gray skies and rain can begin to wear down even the hardiest of souls.We live for summer here. LOL Anyhow,thank you to all who prayed for us doing this most recent round of illness.It is much appreciated dear friends.
Blessings all~Sharon

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sniffling,Sneezing,Coughing,Oh My!

I tried.I really tried.I did everything that I could think of and I still got my husband's cold.The woman above is not me.Actually,she looks better than I do at present.I found her here.In addition to sneezing,sniffling and coughing at times I have a watery left eye and nostril and my back teeth on the left side hurt.With my sweetie Steve it was the right side.That amused us greatly as I told him this last night as we sat on the couch together watching HGTV together.We have been opposites on many things at times so why should a cold be any different(she smiles in amusement).Steve's been a real help since this came on Saturday.He bought burgers from a local fast food place for dinner last night so I would not have to cook(NOT from McDonalds thankfully).We have to babysit again 4 days this week as spring break commenced last Thursday.Not an easy task when we are well but even harder when we are not well.I made up spaghetti while I felt better earlier this morning.Steve very kindly took my soon to be due library stuff back to the library for me a few minutes ago so I would not have to babysit alone in a few minutes.He's such a sweetheart of a guy.Thankfully I slept okay last night.Having my Bi-Pap machine and extra oxygen through an oxygen concentrator help.Steve has sleep apnea as well but his is mild and mine was diagnosed as severe so I am never without the machines at night(or when I nap during the day with Steve and our cat Shadow).Steve was able to sleep without his during his cold which is nearly gone now.Thank you Jesus!It's cold and windy but partly sunny here today so I will focus on the sun(the Son!)and try to ignore the longing for warmer temps and the sometimes painful face. :-)As always,prayer is appreciated.
Blessings to all~Sharon

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Been Awhile

It has been over 2 weeks since I posted anything here and for good reason.I have been somewhat overwhelmed at times with life recently.Our granddaughter has been ill once again and we have had to watch her at times as she stayed home from school.She had a bout with strep again and a bout with stomach flu all within about a 2-3 week period of time.Dealing with ill people drains me emotionally and otherwise.Unless you have dealt with your own medical issues and also had to care for someone else during these times you will not understand.Be thankful.:-)Now my husband is having a cold or allergy thing going on as well.It never seems to end at times.I have had many opportunities for prayer during this time.Both for others such as Hope and Steve as well as myself.Now that can be a good thing.Anything that draws me to the Father is always a good thing even if it comes in a not so pretty package.I have also been on a computer fast of sorts.I am on here but in a very limited capacity.I needed time to reconnect with real people and read real books and get some spring cleaning done here in our tiny apartment.It's been good.During all this we got word that my brother in law(Dave) needs prayer.They found a gray spot on an MRI of his prostate.It is either cancer or an infection.He goes for an actual biopsy later on this month.My youngest sister(Melanie) in California phoned me yesterday.She had just gotten out of hospital.Dehydration,pneumonia,stomach flu as well as pleurisy.She's always been one of these type A people who does not know when to slow down.These are just some of the prayer needs that have come across my path in recent days.So many needs and it seems so little time and energy.But God has been faithful.And I will endure this time as well.I can do all things through Him who gives me the strength.

I look to the hills!

Where will I find help?

It will come from the LORD,

who created the heavens

and the earth.

Psalm 121:1-2(Contemporary English Version)


Sunday, March 01, 2009


...and Jesus said"Go and do the same."
Luke 10:37
The Message Bible

Recently Steve and I were in downtown Salem.We shop at garage sales and thrift stores often to try and stretch his disability checks.It works well for us and we just love saving money in this way.We came across a newly opened thrift store on Commercial Street called the Project 10:37 thrift shop.It was small.Crowded.But this afforded us the opportunity to speak with the proprietor that day.He had a story to tell.They opened this shop to try and help the local homeless population.There are many homeless in Salem.We were told that proceeds from the store go to help the homeless and pay to rent the movie theater downtown that doubles as a church on Sunday mornings.Turns out that they lost about 75 % of their funds and about 80 members of the congregation when the homeless began to attend this church.The people that left were the ones who had jobs and income.I never cease to be saddened by the behavior of those who call themselves by the name"Christian."But that's another story.They could not handle being around people who had fallen on really hard times and were in need of many things so they left instead of sharing what they had.Sad.Because without God's grace and favor in our lives any one of us could be that homeless person in need.Any one of us could be cold or hungry or dwelling under a bridge night after night.So,to make up for this dramatic loss of income the pastor and some volunteers have opened up this thrift shop.And they based it's name on the passage in Luke 10 about the Good Samaritan.I could not help but notice the parallel between this story and what this church has experienced.It was the religious that passed by on the other side leaving that man alone in his suffering.It was the religious who left this church instead of staying to help and share what they had.How this must grieve the heart of God.For He has much to say in His word about how the poor among us are treated.So we stayed and heard this man's story and were spurred to action.Just when we thought we had nothing left to give ourselves we found some items we could donate to help this store out.And if time and health permits we may go and help organize their shop.:-)It really takes so little to help a ministry like this.They will gladly accept help of just about any kind.Donated items.Volunteers to help organize and sort items.Monetary donations.Please consider helping them out if you are in the Salem area.Or if you come here from time to time check them out.We found some things we could use for a very reasonable price.And if you are in another state or too far away to shop or help here consider your own local community.Perhaps there are similar ministries that could use your help.And you will bless them and bless God by being a modern day Good Samaritan.
Love and Blessings~Sharon