Sunday, June 17, 2007

Friends and Family

We've had a nice time here recently.Our granddaughter Hope,age 6,has graduated from Kindergarten!They had a ceremony and everything.Big grin.Though we were unable to attend, our daughter April had recorded it so we will get to see it soon(we hope).They just left this morning to drive down to southern CA for a family vacation.Pray for traveling mercies and that they can relax and have fun.

Yesterday we had the blessing of seeing long time friends Pat&Brian Swan from Canada as they made their way back home to BC,Canada where they are farmers.They had gone down to central CA where Patricia's family lives for a vacation.Pat and I have been friends since the late 1980's.We both lived in Sacramento then.Were both single.Attended the same church and had many other things in common.We both married within just a few years of each other.She and husband Brian are 2 of our favorite people in the whole world.They both love to laugh.Brian has a charming Canadian accent.They are wonderfully down to earth.And they love God!Their visits are always short but always welcomed and always fun.It is our hope that sometime we may get to travel north to see them and beautiful BC.

A happy father's day to all of you dad's out there.I never knew my dad and my husband does not care too much about holidays so I don't think we will do anything special today.He was happy with a"happy father's day"from me and his daughter.Don't even know if we'll hear from our son in AZ.We hope to but won't hold our breath on that.Smile.He's working at more than one job so time to call even his parents is limited.

There is not much else going on in our lives at present so I think I'll close this post.Hope all of you have a blessed weekend with your Fathers and husbands.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


What do people need?As believers in Jesus Christ the obvious answer would be Jesus Christ Himself.And that is so very true.But people also need a sense of purpose.A sense of destiny.They need a reason to get up in the morning.Something to hope for.To look forward to.This is the stuff that was going through my mind a couple of days ago as I puttered around the apartment.I had a case of cabin fever but high gas prices have kept us home alot.And I do mean ALOT.God has placed my husband and I in a hard place,a rocky place.A barren place at least by American standards.Living on husband's SSI(due to his heart health issues&mild stroke)does not allow for much,if anything, beyond the necessities of life.And we are grateful daily that we have that!So,even though it was not a necessity(or was it?)we went for a drive.In the country.Which,living where we do,will put you there in about 5-10 minutes any direction.That in itself is a blessing.I eagerly anticipated what we might see and I was not disappointed.Plants and trees were in bloom and full leaf.The day,though cloudy, was somewhat bright.As we drove through the countryside I began to pray to the Father.I asked Him for grace.For strength.I had needed these things in abundance.I asked Him to forgive the unbelief that had stealthily crept into my heart.Lies from the enemy that said our God-given dreams would never come to pass.Whispers of discouragement from his little imps whose only job is to do his evil bidding.Essentially a major assault on my spirit.We continued our drive through the verdant countryside.Past babbling brooks and freshly plowed farmland.I continued to pray and discovered that what I most needed beyond the remedy to the cabin faver was to reconnect with my Savior.My Jesus.The One who loves me most.And the only One able to meet all my needs no matter what they are.What is your need today?Jesus can meet them all.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I've Got Sunshine...

This pic I found very accurately reflects our weather here lately.I just wish I could recall where I found this pic so I could give credit for it!Here in Oregon we thoroughly appreciate sun-filled days.Even our springtimes can be filled with much rain and skies the color of a#2 pencil lead.So we have been basking in the days and days of sun and unseasonably warm weather.I love this time of year for many reasons.The smell of mint and hay and fresh cut lawns.The fragrance of flowers in bloom and backyard BBQ's.Especially the smell of BBQ's!The riots of color that seem to erupt from even the most humble of homes due to the beauty of plants in bloom.Pink roses and purple Rhododendrons vie for one's attention.Where to look and at what?So much to look at.To observe.To take in.To drink in.Petunias and peonies.Gorgeous hanging baskets of fuschias.So much to see.To smell.To rejoice in and thank God for.Longer days.Warmer nights.The brighter moods of everyone around you due to all that lovely warm sun.Thank you Jesus for eyes to see.Ears to hear Your lovely birds each morning as they praise You in song.Thank You Jesus for noses that can smell all the wonders of late spring.For hands that can feel the softness of a rose petal or a neighbor's dog out enjoying the day with his owner.Thank You Jesus for all the joys that are late spring/early summer in the northwest.