Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy but Grateful

Shades of Autumn
Diane Romanello

It's been a busy season here in our apartment.Each year about this time we have to gather up proof of income,etc. and fill out re-certification forms for our local housing authority.That way we can continue to get rent assistance to help with our oh-so-very-modest income.To not be somewhat organized and such could result in homelessness.So we do this.Our life depends on it.We also had a housing inspection.They hold these annually as well to make sure we have lights and heat and running water and that we are not living under slum lords.And thankfully we are not.We are blessed to live in a pretty nice complex that has caring management and staff.And wonderful maintenance guys that keep everything in working order.Add to that our regular watching of granddaughter Hope and an odd assortment of other errands each week and we have been kept very BUSY to say the least.Today we had to pick up some forms at the local SSI office to take back to housing and that was um...interesting to say the least.Long wait in a crowded office but we managed to take care of business and amuse ourselves while waiting.The police had to be called in at one point due to an irate woman in a wheelchair.I do not know what exactly happened but she had to be escorted back down to the first floor by the police.After we ran a few more errands Steve took off to help his sister and her husband pack as they are to move soon.I stayed behind as I had some work to get done here and calls to make.And I am glad I did.I got a call from Steve saying my brother in CA had called on the cell phone for me.I dutifully called my big brother back for I love him and have been in prayer for him on some issues.I was so glad I did.As we chatted he proceeded to tell me that the doctors have said his prostate cancer has just DISAPPEARED!I could not help it so I let out a rather loud"WOO HOO!":-)God has healed him and I am grateful.His wife Faith was having seizures and these too have gone!Oh God is so good.He still heals and I have seen it first hand in my own body as well as the bodies of friends and family!It as so good to pause in the midst of all this busy-ness and hear a good word from God via my brother.It gives me faith to keep praying for others that I know are suffering in their bodies or minds.Like my brother and his wife who still deal with schizophrenia.But I know that God can heal this too so I will keep on praying.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Strange Fascination

Autumn begins with a subtle change in the light,with skies a deeper blue and nights that become suddenly clear and chilled.The season comes full with the first frost,the disappearance of migrant birds and the harvesting of the season's last crops.
~Glenn Wolff and Jerry Dennis~

And God said,"Let there be light,"and there was light.
~Genesis 1:3~

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with light.Drawn to light.Passionate about good lighting in our home.When I watch shows or movies with my husband Steve I am always drawn to observe the lights or lamps in any given room(I am particularly fond of Tiffany Style Lamps :-) ).I notice with great regularity how sun light sparkles and shines on rain soaked leaves or blades of grass just watered.And,I definitely notice the subtle changes in the light this time of year.It's mellower,gentler,more golden and to me more lovely.I know it was today as we were out running errands.When God created light He declared it good!And it is.Without it our world would be a much darker place.We would enjoy less good health,our crops would not thrive and for some the darkness would invade their very souls and spirits(I think of those with seasonal affective disorder who need light therapy).In addition to physical light from the sun and lighting in our homes,we need His light in our lives.We need His light to gently melt away the cobwebs of spiritual darkness.We need His light to illuminate His word and reveal the depths found within.We need His light to reveal areas in our lives that need work(oh how I need that particular light in abundance).Light does so much for us as people and as His children.And His light can help us navigate the dark times and places in our lives with a bit more ease and comfort.I pray for much light in your life from the Lord for He declared it good and it is!
Love and Blessings~Sharon

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Will Never Forget

Our world was forever changed that day.Innocence lost.Trust and security broken.Forever changed.May we never,ever forget...
Love and Blessings~Sharon

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Second Spring

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
~Albert Camus~

We stand perched on the edge.Eyes looking both ahead at the new season to come and back at the one we are soon to leave behind.We are on the threshold and ready to make the leap.We search our hearts and our minds.What to leave behind and what to take with us into this new season.This time of new beginnings.We take Jesus and all He is and means to us into this second spring.We leave behind hatred,malice and all that is not of Him.At least that is my desire as we approach Autumn and the new year to come(I think my inner clock and calendar must be Jewish for it feels"right"for me to ponder newness every year at this time! :-) Rosh Hashanah is about a week away or so).I desire to truly make this a second spring each year in my life.To see new growth and warmth in me and in my life;my heart.All too often I remain stuck for one reason or another in the winter season of life.Too much dark and cold.Especially the cold.And at times that cold seeps inward to a depth I never dreamed it could reach and it affects me and those around me.I turn off the feeling as a way of escape or of dealing with tough places.Another thing to place before His throne.Another resolve to make.Another change needed.So goes the cycles and seasons of my life.Times of harvest followed by times of deep plowing and maybe even a burning off of the stubble fields that have become my heart.And all done in preparation for another time of harvest and perhaps a second spring.Our Divine Gardener knows what He's doing.


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Oh So Happy and Excited(Autumn Blessings)

My sister Sandy on the right and half-sister Melanie on the left!

The photo above is of my 2 younger sisters.They both live down in California.And they are making plans to come visit us here in Oregon in mid-October!I have not been able to see them in person since our mom died in January 2001 as life took a huge downturn along with our health and finances in 2002.To say I am looking forward to this is a huge understatement for sure!It's been so very long since I have truly had something to look forward to that I can hardly believe this is to happen.But plans are being made by them and we talk several times a week about their trip up here.I assure them of the ease of the trip for it is a simple one from where they will be coming from to where we are here.I am filled with such gratitude to God that He has inspired them to make such a trip to see us for I have missed my younger sisters immensely.I have 3 older half sisters as well.2 in California and one out here.And a half brother in California.And a deceased half brother who lived out here.So much family and so little money.But God is bringing some of them to me.And I cannot wait to see their smiling faces.Speaking of smiling faces,after a cold,rainy morning we are being smiled upon by the Mr. sun right now.:-)I did enjoy the rainy day though as it was a nice change from the heat of summer.I welcome Autumn's arrival with open arms as evidenced by the changes to my blog theme.:-)I consider Autumn to be "my season"for I was born in late Autumn(November 30)and the"Color Me Beautiful"book of so long ago declared me to be an Autumn by my complexion and coloring!No wonder I am so very fond of all that pertains to this gentle, golden season.Pumpkins,apples,harvest moons,and crisp air punctuated with curls of chimney smoke to ward off the first chill.Leaves crunching underfoot,and brisk winds that cause my cheeks to get even rosier.Back to school sales and earlier sunsets and yellow school buses winding their way through town.A wonderful time to reflect.And clean.Which is what we did this week.We cleared off our patio.It did not take much for it is small.We put away a couple of extra fans from our bedroom.We may have to take them out again at some point due to the schizophrenic Oregon weather but for now they are safely tucked away till next summer.We also put up our small BBQ,a table top model that resembles a smoker!We swept the ground and trimmed plants and dusted and just tidied up for the new season yet to come.It looks really good out there now.And,as our annual housing inspection is coming up so very soon it's a really good thing.And speaking of good things,my book arrived from Thomas Nelson Publishers late last evening.I cannot wait to read"Called to Worship"by Vernon Whaley and then write up a review.I hope all of you have a great weekend.