Saturday, May 31, 2008

Seeking the Sun

As I stepped out on to our small apartment patio this morning I saw our pansies had all been straining to reach what little bit of sun they could find.As I watered and tended to them I was struck with the thought that I too,as a believer in Jesus,must also seek the son.I must seek the Son of God.For it is then I will grow.It is then I will flourish.It is then I will bloom brightly for Him.It is then I will bless those around me.How about you,dear reader?Are you seeking the Son?
"Seek the Lord while He may be found.Call upon Him while He is near."
~Isaiah 55:3~
"As the deer pants for water brooks,So pants my soul for You,O God."
~Psalm 42:1~
~Image courtesy of The Morgue File~

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some Things Never Change

Some things never change.They really don't.They seem to span the generations.Passed down from Mother to daughter or Father to son.They just never seem to lie dusty and forgotten,tucked away in an attic somewhere.And forget about them ever becoming obsolete.They refuse to die it seems.I saw evidence of this recently as we watched our granddaughter Hope Ann after school one day.She came home to us as her Mom was at work.She was upset.Her face registered sheer mortification.The source of her distress?It was a song.A simple little song.Words set to music.And you'll never guess what song it was!?It was the"kissing song."You know the song from elementary school,I'm sure.I was surprised it was still around myself.And Hope was upset because someone had put her name in it.And horror of horrors it was in conjunction with her friend Shane's name.Her"recently declared"boyfriend.Love of her 7 year old life.Friend,defender and rescuer Shane.He,with the blond head and adorable grin.He who is shorter than Hope by several inches and yet above her in age and grade by a couple of years.They were both in a song about k-i-s-s-i-n-g.Hope and Shane sittin' in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g,first comes love,then comes marriage... this had ruined her day as well as her mood.When asked why this distessed her so much she boldly proclaimed that she hated Shane.That he was not her friend,much less her boyfriend.We do not know the reason or source for this change of heart.We only know it happened.And it happened quickly.Ah,some things never change.Like the fickle hearts of 7 year old girls.I am really glad God is not that way.Loving us one minute.Hating us the next.His love for His creation,and that includes us,changes not.God Himself boldly declares in Malachi 3:6"For I am the Lord,I do not change;therefore you are not consumed,O sons of Jacob."Yes,it's so good to know that some things never change.
Image courtesy of The Morgue File.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


It's been crazy here lately.Last week Salem was sizzling under abnormally high triple digit heat and loads of sunshine.This week we are rainy and enjoying temperatures that are below normal for this time of year.That's crazy.Our lives personally have been crazy too.Unusually busy with appointments of various kinds.Unexpected trips to the doctor.Unplanned for times of babysitting our granddaughter Hope.Times and issues that have produced fear,and tears and disappointments.Crazy,stressful times.I am hoping that it will slow down soon.I long to be able to pursue those things I am passionate about like reading and writing and gardening.But time has not permitted it.My dreams at night have been reflecting the crazy pace we've had to keep lately.Busy,jumbled dreams that were hard to recall upon awaking.A vivid reflection of our busy,jumbled lives right now.In the midst of it all I have taken the time to thank God for His presence and His faithfulness through all this.We have seen Him smooth the way in the midst of all this craziness that has been our lives lately.Places that normally would require us to wait in long lines and such have been nearly empty!His kindness in the midst of chaos.I am so thankful He never changes.Though He may not remove the storm we can catch a glimpse of His hand reaching out to us in the midst of it's darkness and fear and pain.And it is then we truly realize we have a safe place to rest until the storm passes over.

Blessings all,Sharon

Saturday, May 17, 2008

God Shouts?

CS Lewis said"God whispers to us in our pleasure,speaks to us in our conscience,but shouts to us in our pain;it is His megaphone to a rouse a deaf world."I felt compelled(led,inspired?)to share the following that happened to me around April 30th.Having just celebrated Mother's Day a week ago I thought it was timely,especially for those who did not have "Hallmark Card" Mom's.I was one who did not.I have accepted that fact.I cannot gloss it over,sweeten it up or even pretend it did not happen.I cannot look at it through the pale and pretty lenses of rose colored glasses.That would abort any healing that God may yet want to do.And it would be falsehood.Falsehood would allow the pain to fester and become poison in my soul.It would block the flow of His spirit to mine.So,if your youth was marred by the pain of woefully imperfect and inadequate parenting,whether maternal or even paternal,I hope you find comfort and healing in what is shared.From God's heart to yours~Sharon

God speaks often in our lives and sometimes it seems He fairly shouts.Smile.Yesterday was an emotional day for me and unexpectedly so.My eyes were awash with tears for much of the afternoon.We had run some errands and our last stop before returning home was to drop off a med list for refill.I waited in the van content to read a little while Steve ran the list in.As I sat there my eyes were drawn at one point by 3 women exiting the store.Obviously together I focused on the last one.She had the cart.She walked in a way that suggested a physical challenge.Her cart contained the evidence in the form of a quad cane.One of the women walked a few feet ahead at a good clip.Not intentionally but perhaps by nature she was a fast walker.And as I watched her walking ahead of the other two my heart and mind were arrested by the thought that this was me 20 or more years ago.I was the one walking ahead of my own disabled mother.I felt instant remorse and guilt.And pain for she has been gone many years now.And I was walking ahead at a good clip to avoid her.To avoid association with her in public.To avoid any appearance of a close connection.We did not resemble each other in any way for I took after my dad's Irish roots.This dark haired,darker skinned woman I called mom(or mother when I was angry)was someone I did not want to be near.For she had caused pain.Inflicted pain in the form of a dark,leather belt for what I as a very logical child deemed minor infractions.As these memories washed over me in the van I fought back tears and yet wanted to give full release to that which was just near the surface.As my husband returned I began to share with him my experience.And it was then that the dam within me overflowed it's banks and poured forth from my heart and spilled out of my eyes..I asked the Father to forgive me.I explained to my husband why I thought I was crying.I have never been super emotional so this torrent of tears left him confused and wondering what to do.Smile.Later in the day after my tears had dried I began to journal about this experience and once again the torrent came.This time in an even stronger way than earlier.But as I cried I felt as if I was,by this very act,washing away the pain and all the negative impact this had on me.I had not even known this was dwelling within me.But God knew it was there.Lurking in a dark,hidden place of my heart that had been locked down for many years.Waiting for full release from it's prison.And I,the prison guard,had to acquiesce,to the authority of the One who is greater than I.To the One who created this heart of mine and knew that such a thing could no longer dwell there without damaging me.And I am so very glad I did.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day !

Happy Mother's Day everyone,whether you are a spiritual mother,stepmother,foster mother,adoptive mother,or natural mother!Tomorrow is your day.I hope it is a blessed one for you!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

6 Random Things Meme

I've been tagged by friend and sister in the Lord"Jo"over at"The Road Less Traveled."Here are 6 random things from yours truly:

1.)Though I live in the Pacific Northwest where coffee reigns supreme I cannot have nor do I like this liquid energy.The caffeine is not allowed due to the atrial fibrillation that has often gotten my heart out of rhythm.And I have never liked the taste of the stuff though I have tried it in many flavors in my youth.Give me caffeine free tea any day!

2.)I come from a large family.I have 4 half sisters,2 half brothers(one deceased)and one full blooded sister.My dad(whom I never knew) had 19 siblings!Most all of my siblings live in California but two of us live in Oregon.And we love it here.

3.)I cannot roll my R's to save my life.LOL I have tried but I just cannot.Smile.One of my junior high math teachers thought it a travesty that someone with Irish and Scottish roots, such as I have,could not roll her R's .I hope he got over it.I know I have.Big grin.

4.)I was a redhead as a child.I am the only one of my mom's six kids who did not get her darker Native American coloring.Imagine their surprise when I was born and took after my dad's Irish side!

5.)I am a huge fan of Josh Groban's music.His voice soothes me immensely.What a gift God has given him.I cannot imagine someone so young singing so well but he sure does.I thought he was much older until I saw his picture.

6.)I have been following the Lord as a Christian since my youth.Age 16 to be exact.That's almost 30 years.I should probably throw a party on July 21st.

I am now tagging the following friends:

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