Monday, April 18, 2005

Hello world

This is my first attempt at blogging.I wish to thank 3 people for encouraging me to try this.First of all,I wish to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.Without HIM I am nothing.Secondly,I wish to thank my DH Steve.He has encouraged me to write(something,anything)for years now.He was thrilled to discover that recently I have returned to journaling!I may as well have told him I had won ALOT of money!He was that happy. :-) And last(but definitely not least),I wish to thank Shannon Woodward( She has,over the last few months,gently nudged me in this direction.Recently,she told me she liked my description of spring in the Northwest.High praise indeed. :-) Thanks Shannon.I do not know where blogging will take me....if anywhere.I do know I have become somewhat,shall we say,addicted(there,I said it)to reading them.There are so many wonderfully gifted(by God)"Christian bloggers" on the internet.I am daily encouraged,challenged and inspired.I am sometimes just plain amused too.When first considering starting one of my own I feared I would have nothing to say(I can almost hear DH in the background laughing and rolling his eyes).My husband(poor guy)has been my sounding board for almost 13 years now.So,here I am.I pray that God will make me a vessel of encouragement and joy and inspiration and that HE will flow through me as I undertake this newest"challenge"(calling,hobby,task?)called bloggingIt's ALL because of HIM.May the Lord bless each of you this day.


shannon said...

Sharon, I am so excited to have a new blog neighbor. :) You have wonderful insight and a beautiful way of expressing yourself. I'm sure you'll have many readers in no time!

Happy writing :)

Sharon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and bless you for your kind words.I am excited to have my own little blog!I am already working on a little something for tomorrow(unless the Lord tells me otherwise).Thank you for your gentle encouragement on this.It means alot to me dear sister and friend.Blessings to you and yours Shannon.
In Christ,Sharon