Saturday, May 07, 2005

Flux and God's Faithfulness

It has been awhile since I have posted on here.The reasons are as follows.....I could not seem to access blogger at all.It was having a major fit apparently.I could not even access it to read comments on my first feeble attempts at blogging.Praise God anyhow.The second reason is I have just been extremely busy here.Changes(Flux) are coming here at home and soon.We are downsizing and moving in June.What we thought was a closed door was suddenly opened(God's Faithfulness).He is so very faithful when we trust Him.And when we don't He still remains faithful.The changes that are coming will be a good thing.Steve(a heart patient)will not have to do yardwork.I will still get to have my laundry set(it's a woman thing :-) .We are hoping(preparing)to have a huge garage sale before we move.It's all just"stuff"anyhow.Things we can replace if we need to.And none of it will be following us into eternity.I feel almost giddy at the thought of paring down.Of course we will save things of truly sentimental value.But even those things will not follow us into eternity with our ever-faithful God.Speaking of our ever-faithful God....My husband has found a P/T delivery job to supplement his disability each month.God is good ALL the time.His Son is awesome too!Have you met Him?His name is Jesus.I love Him with all my heart.I hope you do too.I am not sure how often I will be able to post on here over the next month or so but I will try and check in often.And even post if feeling inspired or having a spare moment.God bless everyone.


Ellen said...

Hi Sharon,
You are too busy for me! God bless you in these days ahead. Your testimony is always inspiring to me! ((hugs)) Ellen

Sharon said...

Hi Ellen!
Thanks for stopping by and for your encouraging words about being inspired!I am too busy too in my opinion.I hate moving but this one was necessary due to a huge rent increase and my still not having work to help supplement Steve's disability.That delivery job did NOT work out at all for my sweetie.At least we know what his post-stroke,post-heart trouble limitations are.I need to probably update the Garden(in case anyone's interested).You inspire me too Ellen!God bless friend.