Monday, September 26, 2005


My Praise
Lord, I wish I could praise You with adequate wordsBut You leave me speechless.And I so long to sing you the song You deserve.But it would be endless.I long to move Your heart. I bring You something new.I tell how great You are.Till my praise to You...Is like an ocean breeze blowing on Your face.Like a summer sun with its warm embrace.Like a gentle rain plays a symphony.That's what I want my praise to be.Like a fragrant rose in the early spring.Like an eagle soars when it spreads its wings.Whatever, Lord, You may need from me.That's what I want my praise to be to You.Everything I could give, You already possess Lord, I'm so unworthyI'm just one of the millions to stand and confess.And yet still You hear me.Your heart is open wide.You long for what I bring.I pray somehowYou'll find this simple offering...-- "My Praise" by Dan Dean, Dave Clark, and Don Koch
As I wondered what to blog about(if anything)this morning the lyrics to the above song came to mind.It is one of my favorite songs.Jesus often does leave me speechless(although my husband would most likely gently protest the"speechless"part.)Bless his heart....he loves me very much AND is so patient with my verbal ramblings.I am one blessed woman.There is so much to praise Jesus for.Simple things we take for granted.Did you enjoy a hot shower this morning?I know I did.Many do not even have a home to shower in.Can you see the sunrise this morning?I can.It's beautiful.But many have NEVER seen it due to congenital blindness.Are you listening to beautiful music right now?I am(Eden's Bridge"Celtic Worship).Many cannot even hear the sound of rain falling or the wind blowing or the beauty of backyard songbirds.So much to praise Him for.How often do we whisper a heavenward"Thank You?"Psalm 59:16(NIV) says"But I will sing of Your strength, in the morning I will sing of Your love;for You are my fortress,my refuge in times of trouble."Beginning one's day with praise to our Refuge,our God is an awesome way to begin your day.And it sets the tone for the rest of your day.Praise Him!


Jesus' friend said...

Blessings Sharon!

Thank you for reminding me today to be thankful:) I'm so happy that God taught me to find joy in doing simple things. Your blog is great! please do not delete it.
You are welcome to visit mine too.

Dorota in Poland

Sharon said...

Hi Dorota!
The Lord bless you and keep you.I am glad you stopped by my blog.May I ask how you found me?I am always curious about such things.Bless you for your kind words about my blog Dorota.God has been showing me I am to pursue writing in some capacity.So,for now,I blog and keep a journal.Have done some journaling off and on for many years now.I am going to come over to your blog and check it out.Once again,bless you for blessing me by your kind words.
In Christ,Sharon :-)

Jesus' friend said...

Dear Sharon,

I found the link to your blog on Golden Prayers message I got. It's amazing how God works, we always meet or come across right person/words at the right time if we are God seekers, trusting him and submitting to his Holy Spirit.

You're God's blessing and please do not easily quit as God wants to speak through you. Thank you for visiting my site.
I pray it will bless the Body of Christ all over the earth as yours does.

Jesus' peace be yours!

Sharon said...

Hi Dorota!
Sometimes I forget that I have a link to my blog as part of my outgoing e-mail's signature.I do hope you will jump right in over at Golden Prayers.As co-owner and lead moderator and as a sister in Christ I encourage participation at Golden Prayers.Bear one another's burdens the Word says...Have a blessed day!
Sharon Goemaere

BHGA said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. will visit you again soon.


Paul said...

Evening Sharon,

Thank you for blogging by my friend and for encouraging me. I always appreciate it when friends blog by to say howdy.

You are a blessing by the things you write and share and you never know who you will touch for the Lord.

Be blessed my friend and keep writing and sharing from the Heart of the Lord.

Your friend and fellow-scribe,


doer said...
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Sharon said...

Brother Paul,
Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.You(and your blog)never fail to encourage,inspire,challenge and bless me.You spoke so much truth when you said we never know whose lives we are touching.Won't eternity be fun?To see the lives we've touched for the Lord through using the avenues God has given us as writers and bloggers and believers.

Sharon said...

Thanks so much Donna for blogging by.Look forward to reading your blog again when I can.