Monday, December 19, 2005


Merry Christmas everyone!I obviously have not posted in awhile here.Life was busy.Too busy.I was feeling uninspired.Too many things clouded my mind.Mostly doctor's appointments and such for my husband and I.In spite of it all I found so much to be grateful for as we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary,Thanksgiving and my 44th birthday all within a space of about 2 weeks starting November 21st!I have always loved the Autumn and Winter time of year.Even before moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1991.I relished the cooler temperatures that I knew would be arriving soon(I grew up in Sacramento).I did'nt even mind the lack of light here in the Northwest(my Irish complexion definitely prefers the rain soaked Northwest to California's sunshine).I have friends(who will remain nameless)who prefer summer time.When they think of Autumn and Winter they think of death.Steve and I both thought about death today too.We went to visit some former neighbors today.A lovely Christian senior couple.The husband is dying of cancer.This will be his last Christmas on earth here.He has maybe a month left.We celebrate the birth of Christ this month.New life.God's arrival in the flesh.Emmanuel.God with us.And yet we were talking about and dealing with the impending death of a friend.You would not have known it though to listen in on our conversations today or to hear our laughter.All of us gathered there are believers in Jesus Christ.Because of that we can have hope in the midst of grief.Laughter though we know we'll shed some tears soon when our dear friend is promoted to heaven.Life in the midst of death.And for our dear friend his body may be dying but his spirit,his inner man,is flourishing.Growing.Full of life.And that is why we can say with Paul"Therefore we do not lose heart.Even though our outward man is perishing,yet the inward man is being renewed day by day."Life and death in one body.But because of the hope we have in Emmanuel,God with us, we are able to face even the impending death of a friend.May God bless each of you with a beautiful Christmas and a joy filled New Year.

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