Monday, September 04, 2006

I Can't Believe It

I can't believe it's already September.Where did the summer go?I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I posted anything on this blog...original or otherwise.My mother warned me this would happen.She told me(when I was about 16)that as I aged(horrors...makes me sound like wine or cheese)that time would seem to fly faster.She knew what she was talking about for it has happened.I don't know why it seems that way.We still have 24 hours in a day.7 days in a week.365 days in a year.I have decided it must be because as we mature it takes us longer to do things.We tire easier.Therefore we do not accomplish as much in a day as we did when we were 20.I had much opportunity to see that this summer.We watched our granddaughter Hope alot this summer so her parents could go to work.When she got bored it was a challenge to find things for her to do.So we relied on that good old standby called nap time.I know,I know,my husband and I are only middle aged.But we have discovered that we just don't seem to have the time or the energy we did when were in our younger years.Sometimes I think that's a lesson we need to learn to appreciate.Slowing down even a little can be extremely beneficial.Accomplishing less in a day can allow you to live a richer life because you find yourself really focusing on the truly important things.Like hugs from a child.I saw that this weekend.We had watched Hope and were tired from other activities as well.At one point I was sitting.Resting.She saw me resting.She came running over.Threw her arms around me.She then told me"I love you to pieces Grandma Sharon."I smiled,hugged her back,smothered her face with kisses and told her that I loved her to pieces too.She then just rested in my embrace.We both sighed.Just enjoying the moment.Time spent cuddling with each other.Neither of us was too concerned about what still needed to be accomplished that day.We were living richly.Enjoying each other.Enjoying the moment.In many ways I'm enjoying middle age much more than I enjoyed my youth.I'm learning to slow down.Live richly.Enjoy small moments.Focus on the truly important things.I think our Heavenly Father was pleased.I think that is also what He desires from us,His children.He wants us to just enjoy His presence.Have some cuddle time.:-)Let His presence surround us like a hug from a child.It's the best stress reducer I've found for those days that seem to fly by too quickly.God bless all.


sparrow's song said...

You've chosen the better things.

"Focus on the truly important things"

Well said.

How easily we're caught up in what we think 'must be done' and yet miss what's right in front of us that may never come our way again.

Sharon said...

Love your name and the pic of the sparrow,one of my favorite birds.Thank you and bless you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words.It is all too easy to lose sight of the truly important things.Much easier to fall into the tyranny of the urgent.It is my desire that I continue to desire and actively pursue the better things.Thank you once again for stopping by.

Ellen said...

Nice to "see" you again! We had a busy summer too... us "old" people sure can feel it when the activity never ends... but we LOVE it too! Time for a nap (ha!)

Sharon said...

Hi Ellen,
Whew can Steve and I relate.We love our naps.LOL...I have always been a napper more or less.Have read that some of the greatest minds in history were nappers...Guess we're in good company then...LOL..Glad our granddaughter Hope like naps too.So helpful when she gets bored and we get tired!Thanks for stopping by my blog Ellen!Good to"see" you again too!

Anonymous said...

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