Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!It's day number 2 of the year 2007.A brand new year stretches before us like a huge blank canvas just waiting to be filled with color.An empty journal longing to be filled with words yet unspoken.Sorrows and joys.Tragedies and triumphs.The stuff our lives are made of.Flesh and blood.Experiences that will leave our senses reeling with pain.Or fill us with such joy that we are unable to contain it all.And through the year to come it is my prayer,my desire that God would be honored and glorified through it all.That all of us would come through whatever the year brings better people.Better children of God,more brightly reflecting His love and His glory.More trusting of Him and His ways which are often beyond comprehension,at least to me.May we all have a nearer sense of His presence in our lives.May we run harder after Him and His will for our lives.May we love God more and and our friends and families as well.Father,may these things come to pass in the year to come.May our joys be abundant and our sorrows few.But whatever may come I ask that You be glorified in all of it.That those still walking in darkness would be drawn to the Light,Your light,reflected in Your children.I ask this in the name of Jesus.Amen.


Ellen said...

Hi Sharon,
Just stopping in to say hi and catch up on my blog visits. Hope you are doing well so far this year. Bless you! Ellen

Sharon said...

Hey Ellen,
Thanks so much for stopping by! :-)Things are okay here.I hope all is well where you are and that the weather has not been too bad!God bless you and Dan.
Love,Sharon :-)

Paula said...

So appreciated your thoughts on my blog. It felt raw when I posted it and I almost took it down. So glad now that I left it up. This post is passionate and shows your heart for God. I'm so glad that He is patient with you and me as you so aptly pointed out. His shoulders are big enough for our anger. Sometimes I wonder how He puts up with me, but I'm convinced He does and so thankful.

Sharon said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog(my neglected blog... :-) ).All I can say is AMEN!Thank God for His grace and thos huge shoulders of His!