Saturday, October 27, 2007


I was blessed in many ways this week.It all came as a surprise which made it that much nicer.Early in the week I received my copy of the newly republished Victoria magazine!If you are not familiar with this magazine I urge you to check it out( .If,like me you are a lover of beauty in it's many forms,you will love this magazine.They had ceased publication a few years back.I was saddened by this.I'd enjoyed many years of reading pleasure and beauty each month as my dear husband had bought me a subscription.I am glad they have returned.

Then I received a CD in the mail from Ruth Wood(and friends)over at Comfort Cafe( simply by telling them what Comfort Cafe meant to me.That,for me,was a simple task.They are a ministry dedicated to encouraging women who are hurting in any way.I have been so very blessed by their ministry in the last few years.It has been a source of comfort as we have walked through some really tough times since 2002.And,as I am sure you are well aware,women and men handle stress very differently at times.The CD I received is incredible(Eyes On You).I urge you,my readers to check out the ministry and the CD both.

Lastly,I was blessed in a way that could have had quite a different outcome.We had gone to get groceries on Thursday.On the way home we had noticed the temperature gauge on our van was getting up into the hot zone.So we drove into Lyons from Mill City and stopped at the ponds we had fished at years back.We got out of the van to check the radiator and add water and anti-freeze.I was stunned by the beauty that surrounded me.Apparently we had never been to these ponds in the fall.The trees around the ponds were golden and rust.The sky above cloudless and cerulean(my new word...hee hee hee).The wind was brisk and out of the north/northeast.The sun was warm.And I,while husband filled the radiator,was in sheer bliss.I sat on a sun warmed,flat rock.Soaking up it's toasty,golden rays.I joyfylly turned my face to the wind and let it blow on me full force(I've loved the wind since I was small).I wondered why we did'nt just get out like this more often.Some leaves skittered across the gravel parking lot.Like children rushing to get home from school to begin afternoon play.Steve thought it was an animal running up behind him.Huge grin.The van was fine.We drove home.And I pondered the beauty,blessings and bliss I had received this week.All gifts from God.Thank You Lord.


sparrow's song said...

Victoria is a great magazine. I used to get it too. Thanks for the reminder.

I hope you go back to the pond and get photos. For me, that would be a paradise of photo taking. I absolutely love God's creation too. You've painted wonderful imagery.

Hope your weekend continues to be blessed and full of good surprises.


Ruth said...

Hi Sharon,

On my blog rounds and stopped by. What a surprise to see you mentioning Comfort Cafe and the CD! Thanks so much for your encouraging words about our ministry.

I'm like you and appreciate beauty as well. Wow, some photography out there is stunning, isn't it.

Warmest regards,


Sharon said...

Hey Sparrow!
Thanks for stopping by!Victoria is indeed a wonderful magazine.I am thoroughly enjoying mine.:-)If time permits we will definitely head back up there to the ponds.Thank you for your kind comments about my use of imagery.I like t try and paint a picture with my words.I also like to read other's work that does that as well.Makes me feel like I'm there.Have a blessed weekend.Good to see you again...

Sharon said...

Hi Ruth!
You're most welcome.I meant every word of it too.:-)I've had a keen appreciation for beauty for as long as I can remember.There is indeed some stunning photography out there.I am very partial to Bonnie Bruno's stuff.:-)Have a blessed weekend.

Nancze said...

Hello Sharon, feeling a bit better so thought I would do some visitations. I enjoyed this post so much. I too receive many blessing's from Ruth's site and blog. I hope you are feeling better now too and over your cold. Love and Blessings..

Sharon said...

Hi Nancze!
Glad to see you're on the mend.I am too.:-)Praise the Lord!I love Comfort Cafe.Neat ministry.Have a blessed day Nancze.:-)
Love~Sharon :-)

chrisd said...

Lovely picture and memory!

sparrow's song said...

Popping in to say hello and sending some hugs your way.

Sharon said...

Hi sparrow!
So good to see you!Hugs right back your way!