Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Simple Love

It's been a busy time here lately.Sometimes when you are a caregiver in any capacity your own free time gets swallowed up meeting the needs of others.Alas I have not posted in awhile.Between errands and caring for Steve and occasionally watching Hope I have been somewhat MIA on here.It's all been good though as I do enjoy time with my family.Especially granddaughter Hope.She's a very loving,funny and tactile child(she's always hugging me and such).She never ceases to amaze me with her insights and the way she so capably expresses herself and her feelings.She's only 8.The other day she blessed me by bringing me a handwritten list of why she loves me.One thing I love about kids is how simple they can be.How honest.Uncomplicated.The ordinary things can make them happy.The common things make them feel secure.Lord,may I as an adult become like a little child.Blessed by simplicity.Amazed by the ordinary.Conscious of You in the common things of life.Thank You Lord.Amen.And now I will share with you the list that I have been given as a gift of love from Hope.I think it will make you smile.
Dear Grandma,
I love you for a lot of reasons.
1.)You care about everyone.

2.)You care about God.

3.)You are loving.

4.)When I am sick you let me rest.

5.)When I am sick you care for me.

6.)You bake us cookies.

7.)You care about our Father.

8.)You love me and Bapa.

9.)You are really nice.

10.)You color with me.

11.)You care about me and my friends.

12.)You let me go over to Kris,Jessica or Sandie's house.

Dear Lord,let me always live up to the things Hope sees in me.In this way I honor you and I bless her as well as those around me.Thank You Lord.


Shirley said...

How sweet. You must treasure that list. I know the feeling. My oldest granddaughter used to spend the weekends with me and after she went home, I would find notes that she would leave for me to find. I still have them and will always cherish them. My grandchildren are all growing up now and I am looking forward to my first great grandchild.

God bless you.

Sharon said...

You bet I do Shirley!I am going to save it and make a file for it!God bless you as well Shirley!

Denise said...

Oh how sweet........ I have three grandchildren that I do not know.. so when I read things such as this it makes me realize of what I am missing........ Enjoy those grand babies girl friend........ and I also am a caregiver for my Mom that is 89 and my Dad that is 91...... Some days are tooooooo hard but the rewards are plentiful......

Sharon said...

Hi Denise:
Thanks so much for stopping by!I do understand for we have a few month old grandson whom we have not yet met in person.Only seen pics on our daughters camera and camera phone.I am hopeful we will get to see him and our son around Thanksgiving or Christmas.Thanks so much for stopping by Denise.I'm glad to see you!Love~Sharon

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet. Not a wonder that Jesus entreated us to come to Him like little children.

My children have taught me a world of loving and open sharing and downright gratefulness in the tiniest of things. What a joy!

Someday I look forward to grands to carry on the tradition of living and learning and loving through the eyes of a child.

Lord, may I remain childlike in every way possible. [And she dances away with joy, twirling, and praising His name . . .]

Paula said...

Ahhhhh...what a sweetie! Those little grandkids are just so special. So glad you get to spend time with your little angel.

Love the autumn feel of your site!

Sharon said...

Amen Debbie!Jesus knew what he was speaking of!Bapa and Hope will be here soon so I must be brief.He had to go get her a prescription for she is ill again.this time with pink eye....her mom is off work soon Praise the Lord...Love~Sharon

Sharon said...

Thank you Paula for your kind words...Autumn is my favorite time of the year...Blessings~Sharon

Barbara said...

What a wonderful grandmother you obviously are. I know that the pleasure is all yours too though.

Sharon said...

Yes it is and thank you Barbara for your kind comments...Sharon

Mimi said...

a child sees beyond the obvious and sees the heart... what a treasure for you to put in your remind yourself what Hope sees in you...
when you are feeling down it will lift you up and make you smile...

Sharon said...

Amen Mimi!A treasure indeed!!!Blessings~Sharon