Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Journey

It's been just over 2 years since I have posted anything here at this blog.I thought I would not return to it.Ever.But perhaps God has other ideas.Other plans.All I know at this point is that the desire to blog once again has returned so I am listening.This last 2 years have been a real journey as is life most all the time. :)It's been full of sunshine and shadows,good and bad,twists and turns.There have been changes of all kinds.We no longer watch our granddaughter regularly as she is now 11 and is schooled at home now.It's been a good decision for all concerned.It's too bad though that the public school she attended did not have stricter policies in place against bullying.I started college and was getting straight A's but had to leave due to a medical condition called"venous insufficiency"that is exacerbated by sitting for great lengths of time.It was a painful decision but a necessary one.I am still hopeful that I will return and get that creative writing degree that I desire.:)
I wish I could say that this journey this last 2 years has been all sunshine and roses.But it has not.The truth is there have been more clouds than I would have chosen.There are days I just really hate the limitations that it seems this life has thrown at me(and my husband). I am discovering that I do not always respond well to the storms of life no matter how long I have endured them.It seems I can never be fully accepting of them in this journey we take while here on planet earth.Perhaps this is God's way of reminding me(oh so often)that this earth is not our true home.It is merely the place we dwell on our way to our true home.Heaven.


SUZANNE said...

I am so glad that you return. I've followed you for awhile and loved that you right form your heart. I myself haven't blogged in awhile. But now I now what I'm writing about old and new things, family. My daughter Amie graduats from homeschooling. I'ts been a long journey with ups and downs. But I loved doing it.
So glad your back.
Amie is going into the Mission field.

Sharon said...

It is so good to"see"you once again!:-)Yes,I am back.The blog kept wooing me back.I could not resist it's call so I have returned.Congrats on your daughter graduating!How exciting!Our granddaughter Hope is now in home-school and has been for awhile due to bullying in public school.Seems much of her former illnesses were stress related and have now become a thing of the past for the most part!Home school is just such a gift! :)~Sharon