Sunday, March 05, 2006

Right Focus Regained

Finally, brothers,whatever is true,whatever is noble,whatever is right,whatever is pure,whatever is lovely,whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.~Phillippians 4:8 NIV~
I've been pondering this scripture verse for a few days now.My thoughts had been less than lovely.Times of intense testing in our lives has gone on far longer than I ever thought they would and I was just feeling down.Looking for light and seeing only darkness.The gray skies overhead did not help.I was longing for spring but still facing winter.Longing for freedom but still feeling burdened.And then God helped me to regain my focus.And it came from a most unexpected source.I was at our local hospital receiving treatment for the cellulitis on my right leg.The infection is gone but I am now facing wound care.It was a rare and strong strain of cellulitis.Because of this they brought in a wound care specialist to look at it.Her name was Beverly.She pulled out a digital camera and took a picture of my wound.I commented and on how neat her little camera was(I don't own a digital camera so find their diminuitive size charming somehow).She then proceeded to tell me that there were also pictures of India and Florida on the camera.And how that she had just returned from a medical mission trip to India that was 2 weeks in length as I recall.She had gone with an evangelist whose name escapes me at the moment.We continued to discuss treatment of my wound.As we finished up she began to show us the other pictures in her camera.We saw India first and she began to tell us about each one.There are rich people in India but most are very poor.Many do not even have running water.Many live in what amounts to nothing more than a shack.As I viewed her pictures and listened to her tell us about India my mind was replaying some of my negative comments and thoughts of recent days.And my perspective began to change.I began to silently,internally ask God for forgiveness and thank Him for what I do have.A nice apartment with hot and cold running water and indoor plumbing.A nice bed to sleep and rest in.A van to get us where we need to go.I was also reminded that He has always come through for us when we have placed all our burdens on Him.That He will provide for all our needs as we trust Him and His love.At this point we left as my appointment was over.As we walked out to our van under sunny skies I realized I had recieved more than cellulitis care at the hospital.I had been given the gift of right focus regained by our loving Heavenly Father.What are you thankful for today?


Ellen said...

We all need to be reminded occasionally to keep things in perspective. Thanks Sharon! Our needs and fears are important to God too, but sometimes it's helpful when we are going through our own "stuff" to be confronted with the reality of how blessed we really are. I am thankful for many things, including a friend like you who reminds me to look beyond my own troubles. ((hugs))

Sharon said...

Thanks for blogging by!The Lord spoke so strongly that day at the hospital throgh this nurse's pictures and sharing I just had to write about it.I find it very easy at times to lose proper perspective and am grateful to God for His reminders to me.It has not been fun dealing with the cellulitis but I am almost healed and have regained my gratitude!And I have awesome friends like you!I have been blessed!
Love ya,Sharon