Sunday, January 29, 2006

Though He Slay Me

I've been thinking about Job alot lately.The Bible says that Job was blameless and upright;he feared God and shunned evil(Job1:1 NIV).Job was one righteous dude.Smile.Righteous in that he was in right standing before God.He had been blessed with much in his life.He had many children and much in the way of animals and servants.He was living well until his entire world began to cave in around him.Satan had convinced God to let him take away all that Job had held dear on this earth.Family.Health.Livelihood.Things we can hold dear as well.Satan was convinced that Job was only serving God because God had blessed him with so much.He was so convinced of this he told God"Stretch out Your hand and strike evrything he has and he will surely curse You to Your face."(Job 1:11 NIV)But God knew Job far better than Satan.God had created Job.He knew him at his very core so God essentially said"bring it on!"Job had no clue as to what was coming.Disaster upon disaster befell him.All in a fairly short amount of time...
My husband Steve and I have been facing storms that have been Job-like for about 8 years now.We have lost family members in death.Loss of health.Loss of income.Loss upon loss.Bad news daily it seemed at times.Our world,like Job's,turned on it's head.Pain and tears and fear.And nowhere to look but to God.When all human comfort,all human resources had fled or been depleted,God was there.Faithful.Waiting patiently while the enemy of our souls assalted our lives.Knowing the outcome would bring glory to Him(though we cannot see it yet)and shame to ther enemy.We received another huge assault from the enemy of our souls this last week from two sources.These two things have the potential to totally wipe out our already fragile finances(CA is trying to take child support from my husband's disability checks;his"children"are adults and on their own or on the verge of it)and adversely affect my husband's health(Medicare Part D issues.Mistakes on their part really).However,I choose to say,along with Job,"though He slay me,yet will I trust in Him..."(Job 13:15 NIV)I'm going to keep trusting God for we have seen His faithfulness to us in the past and His word in Malachi 3:6 says He never changes!I am fully expecting to see God do great things for us(see Psalm 126)and that we will see miracles in the days to come.I will share them here when they happen.Smile.


Ellen said...

Hi Sharon,
I finally got over here to catch up with reading your posts. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your stuff. Your positive outlook in the midst of trial is something to behold! God blesses us through your faith. Praying for you and Steve, Ellen

Sharon said...

So happy to have you blog by here.I'm glad you are blessed and encouraged by what you read here.It is my desire to encourage and bless others.When going through times that are trying it is easy to feel you have nothing to give.Nothing to share.I've been that way before.And it made me and those around me miserable.But God showed me that we can still have something to share.Something to give.But it takes time.And faith.Have a blessed day and thanks once again for blogging by.

Vicki said...

Dear Sharon,

Keep trusting God and never give up hope! I've been reading Job lately, too, and thinking the same things. 'Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him'--this is powerful to me right now.

I pray the Lord will continue to meet your deepest needs. He has seen me through so much these past 6 years myself....with losses and deaths and seering pain. In the end, Job was blessed even more, though!

Holding on to our Savior!!

Sharon said...

So glad you blogged by!!:-)Always nice to"see"you.I plan on continuing to trust God.He's all we have!!