Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kids and Contrasts

People were bringing little children to Jesus to have Him touch them,but the disciples rebuked them.When Jesus saw this,He was indignant.He said to them,"Let the little children come to me,and do not hinder them,for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.I tell you the truth,anyone who does not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it."And He took the children in His arms,put His hands on them and blessed them.~Mark 10:13-16 NIV
Those of you who have or had children will readily agree that their personalities show up very early in life and can be as different as say apples and oranges(I bet you thought I was going to say night and day,did'nt you?:-) ).Though my husband and I never had our own children as a couple we've had plenty of opportunity to observe his 2 kids(both adults now)and his granddaughter(now just over 5 1/2 years old).We've also observed stranger's kids in public.Plenty of opportunity for watching kids and how different they are.We saw just how different recently.A few weeks back we went to the local Hollywood Video to rent some movies.Yes,our town of 7,505 is big enough for such a store.:-)We chose our DVD's and made our way up to the counter.Surrounded by enough candy to keep all of Oregon's dentists working for plenty of years we noticed a little boy in front of us.With his mom(we assumed).Now,my husband's day is not complete unless he has given someone,anyone, a hard time.He's said his goal and purpose here is to make people laugh.Even strangers.Or their children.He saw this little boy of about 3 or 4 and began to make faces at him and talk to him.This little boy clung tighter to his mom so my husband tried harder to make him laugh.The little boy finally found his voice and said to Steve"Are you going to steal me?"We wre both a little stunned.My husband recovered long eneough to tell him "No,I'm just playing with you."He then told the boy's mom who was by now paying close attention that we have a granddaughter a little older than her son.She attempted a sincere smile but I could tell she was really more annoyed and wary of us.I found that whole scenario sad and have thought about it often since it happened.That we live in a world where children are fearful of being stolen.I thought about it again this weekend as we were out garage sale-ing.We'd stopped at one sale to look at couches for our son who is getting his own place soon(YIPPEE!).She had two of them for$20.00 each.She invited us to sit on them and try them out.As we sat in her living room her little son woke up and came out to where we all sat chatting.He came and stood by me(I was seated on the white leather sofa and Steve was across from me on the black leather sofa).I looked at her son and he at me and we smiled at each other.He was about 4 I guess.Dark hair,dark eyes and a winning smile in his pale little face.I continued to chat about the sofas with his mom and my husband.The next thing I know this little boy is standing right next to me and has taken my right hand and asks if I want to come see his room?Of course I said yes.It was a mess for sure.:-)Boy toys scattered everywhere.But he did'nt care it was his room and I was a willing stranger.Not to be outdone his red haired sister had to show me her room next door.What a contrast.Her room was definitely all girl.Pink and purple everywhere and neat as a pin.She even invited me in for tea.:-)Though I had to decline her offer I thought about both experiences we'd had with these children.One boy thought we were there to steal him from the video store.A few weeks later another one invites us to look at his room.One trusting.One distrusting.I imagine that's how some of the children were that day that Jesus rebuked the disciples and called the children to Himself.Some came readily while others maybe held back.I bet some of us are like that too as adults.We hold back instead of implicitly trusting the One we know will always be there for us no matter what may come.Jesus has promised to never leave us or forsake us.Trust HIM today for all that worries and concerns you.He can be trusted.


Ellen said...

Thanks Sharon! My Dan is like your husband, always goofing off. It is sad that people misinterpret just plain friendliness these days. I like to remember that I am God's CHILD. It frees me to just BE and quit worrying so much. Thanks for reminding me! ((hugs))

chyblee said...

My children are so trusting that it scares me, and recently I've had to try to instill in them the caution that comes with a little fear, yes, of being stolen.
Watching dateline tonight, I hear that about 2300 people go missing every day. that is about 800 thousand a year!
I'd love to just let them live without fear of being stolen. I also don't want them to be paranoid and distrusting to every person that they meet. I try to teach them about the ways of the stranger that is a danger. there's some wonderful video's out and such that I was considering buying to help them interpret what is a danger. I believe there has to be a healthy balance.
I did create a blog spot all my own, thank you Sharon!
I'm not sure if its exactly how I want it to be yet, but a work in progress.
I love your blogs Sharon and thank you for inspiring me!