Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Nurturing Day!

You may be wondering why I chose to call this post something other than"Happy Mother's Day."I have a very good reason.Not all women are mothers.But we all nurture.Churches everywhere will pass out flowers to all women who have borne children.Nothing wrong with that.Except not all women have borne children.They will be the ones sitting while all of the mothers stand to recieve all the accolades and flowers.What is a happy day for some may be a sorrow filled day for others.Maybe you've never had children.You may still be grieving.Or maybe your mother is no longer alive.And you miss her.Maybe you did'nt have a perfect mother growing up.Maybe your mother was not nurturing in the way you needed her to be.If any of these apply to you today my heart really goes out to you.I know how it feels.I never had children.My own mother is passed on.And she was not an ideal candidate for motherhood.But I still miss her.I was able to make my peace with her years before she passed in 2001.God has allowed me to nurture other things in my life in the absence of children of my own.I have friends.I have siblings.I have had pets.I have even nurtured flower gardens.:-)And I have nurtured my husband.In my youth I babysat alot and taught preschoolers in church on Sunday mornings.As a middle aged woman I have had opportunity to nurture my step-granddaughter Hope.And her mom and uncle too in some ways.Nurturing can come in many ways I believe.More than just cooking and cleaning and teaching for a houseful of children.What about praying for someone.Encouraging someone in the way God has gifted you...writing,speaking,painting, many ways and opportunities to nurture others(and things such as gardens) even if you are not a mother.So I dedicate this post to all of you who wanted to be mothers but are'nt on this sometimes sad day.I also dedicate this to women who are step-mom's and raising someone else's children.What a challenge you have.You may not have children(or are raising someone else's children) but you are nurturing.You are valuable.You are so loved by God.And me.Have a blessed day.Do something nice for yourself.You deserve it too.:-)


chyblee said...

I have to agree with this blog.
It's actually very sad indeed and heartwrenching for many.
I feel that way on father's day as I don't really have one that ever gave me anything but pain and suffering and I choose to no longer communicate with him.
So I do understand in a minute way.
Thank you for reminding me, keeps me and my pride in check.
I actually know a lady whose tried for many years to have children of her own and never could. So it's out there and its all around.
My arms encircle you with a comforting hug and praise God for those (plants and animals and step children)that you were able to nurture.
Have a Blessed Day,
my prayers are with you to sooth the ache in your soul!

Ellen said...

Well said Sharon! Thank you!

Sharon said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for all your kind,compassionate words.I am enjoying our new friendship too.Amazing we met through FreeCycle Salem...God is so good...
Blessings,Sharon :-)

Sharon said...

Hi Ellen,
Thanks for stopping by!And thanks for your kind words too.Have a blessed week!:-)
Blessings,Sharon :-)

Vicki said...

I so appreciated this post. My own mother was not a nurturer--she suffered a bit from mental illness we believe. I had to nurture HER in order to get along with her. So Mother's Day, especially since she died just two years ago, is weird for me. I have the love of my three grown children, but in a sense, I've never had a mother. So it's sad for me. Sometimes I wonder what kind of person I might have been if I had a normal mother years ago (whatever normal is!), but then I realize that God ordained for me to be born in the family I was born into, for whatever reaons. It's made me more sensitive and caring of other women who suffer in different ways.

Sorry to ramble, but thanks for the post! Thanks, too, for your visits to my blog recently. Always appreciate it.


Sharon said...

What an honest and lovely response you posted here.It blessed me.I too had a mom who suffered from mental illness.I know how it is.I was never nurtured the way I needed to be either.She went to be with Jesus on Jan.5,2001.I too have often wondered what kind of person I would be had I been born in a different family with different parents,etc.But I was born to whom I was born.It is God ordained.I just want to thank you again for this response.I was blessed by it.You have a blessed day.
Love,Sharon :-)

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