Saturday, December 08, 2007

Anger Management

Once again our Granddaughter Hope has provided fodder for a blog entry.Smile.We were watching her today as we do every weekend.I was in the kitchen cleaning up lunch dishes.We'd had sloppy joe's made with ground turkey on whole wheat buns and pears.I was enjoying the rare winter sun streaming in my kitchen window as well as the simple act of washing dishes by hand(my dishwasher was full).Hope was out in the living room playing a Sony driving game(some game where you race ATV's over various tracks both pro and amateur).As I finished up the dishes Hope came walking into the kitchen and gave me a hug."Is your game over?"I asked.""No"she replied.""I just find that it helps me to get rid of my anger if I hug someone."Hope was living out a biblical principle without even realizing it!I knew I had a blog entry with her statement.Big grin.I probed further.The source of her anger?Running out of time on her racing game.As she left the room I pondered what had just transpired.And I reached some conclusions.Would'nt it be nice if the worst thing we had to be angry over was running out of time on a game?And ,even better than that,would'nt it be wonderful if all the anger issues and results of that anger could be solved by simply hugging another human being?It's quite possible that all the world's ugliness,sin and sadness,caused by anger,could be eradicated in it's entirety.That's something to think about the next time we as humans are tempted to get angry over something.

~In your anger,do not sin.Do net let the sun go down on your wrath.~
Ephesians 4:26 NIV


Ruth said...


What a nice name for your granddaughter, Hope! I know of an author, Nancy Guthrie, whose daughter was named Hope and they lost her to a rare genetic disease. I haven't seen the name very often. May your little granddaughter fulfill all the dreams her name implies!


Sharon said...

Hi Ruth!
Thanks so much for stopping by!I love Hope's name.Her middle name is Ann.Her mom was going to call her Dawn Marie.I much prefer Hope Ann.Her little best friend who used to live in the same complex here was named Destiny.Don't you just love that?I sure do.Hope and Destiny!Names full of promise.Have a blessed Sunday Ruth.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hi Sharon! I have a special surprise for you, so come on over to my blog to find out what it is!


Nancze said...

Hi Sharon, \o/ wavin' from icy Oklahoma. Thanks for the lovely email and comment. A Hug to release anger is a perfect way to do it. Glad you enjoyed my little website. I know that difference's often make friendships much more interesting and it's great to enjoy the diversities. Love and Blessings.

Sharon said...

Melissa!I went over there!Woo Hoo!Can't beleive I won a book!Thank you Jesus!Woo Hoo!Thank you Melissa for letting me know!I will e-mail you promptly...Love ya~Sharon :-)

Sharon said...

Hi Nancze!
Thanks for stopping by.:-)Yes,I enjoyed your new sites immensely.I'm glad you enjoyed my e-mail.I just love using Incredimail.Such neat stats and stuff.Diversities in habits and such do make for interesting friendships...Stay warm woman...Love ya bunches~Sharon

Adrienne said...

Sharon -
I'm so glad you 'found' me and now I've 'found' you! We're neighbors - sort of! I'm in Canby, north of you on 99E between Salem and Portland. My son and his family are in Keizer, although he works in South Salem. I've been Stayton several times in the last few years. I dear friend of mine was hoping to buy a big, old house, refurbish it, live there and she and I would open a business together in an outbuilding. God had other plans for both of us and I don't have to tell you that His plans are always best!

Thanks for sharing these important words.

I'll stop by again soon. I love the music-right now playing my favorite hymn "He Hideth My Soul".


Sharon said...

Welcome Adrienne to my little home on the web!We've been to Canby a few times in the past when husband Steve was looking for work(@Johnson Controls I think).So glad we found each other.I llok forward to visiting your blog much in the future.It's cold and breezy here right now and partly sunny.And lovely...

sparrow's song said...

you shared,
"I just find that it helps me to get rid of my anger if I hug someone."

How beauitful is the heart of a child. Such simple wisdom. This is was so precious, Sharon. Thank you for sharing it.

Sharon said...

You are welcome Sparrow!I cannot believe how much Hope has inspired me to write.She just comes up with some really good things to write about!Big grin.:-)Good to see you Sparrow...

Nancze said...

Hi Sharon, still doing fine. problems with the DSL connection is all, hope it's cured although a snow storm is predicted friday and saturday. Just what we need! lol

Sharon said...

Hi Nancze:
Glad to hear you're still okay.Have been concerned about my"Oklahoma people."Oh no,more snow...LOL...Send some to us here.We just have fog and freezing temps...LOL
Love~Sharon :-)