Monday, December 03, 2007

Prayin' Grammas

"I am reminded of
your sincere faith,
which lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and,I am persuaded now lives in you also."
Paul speaking to his "son"in the faith,Timothy.
II Timothy 1:5

As I stepped into the shower and was reveling in it's warmth yesterday I was pondering the night before.We were babysitting our granddaughter overnight.Beofre we all went to bed we joined hands by her bed on our soft,comfortable hunter green couch.She and Bapa Steve and I had prayed for good sleep,sweet dreams and a good breakfast the next day.Hope had also thanked God for answering her prayers and healing Bapa's back.I pondered what a gift it was to be able to pray with this child.To have her know us as her grandparents.To know she prays for us and to have her know we pray for her.We were simply enjoying each other and the benefits of being children of the most High God.Access to the throne.This was extra special to me as I never knew any of my grandparents.They all passed before I was born I am told.But I would love to pull back the curtain on my life.To see things from the perspective of a heavenly timeline.To shine a huge floodlight into the now dark and dusty corners of my ancestral past.I would love to see,to know if I had any prayin' grammas.I wonder if as they baked their bread,tended their gardens or reared their own children did they pray.Did they ask the Father to save the future generations to come?Did they ask His blessing upon us?Did they pray for me?One whom they never knew was to exist.Did they pray for me to have faith in Jesus?I wonder if they loved writing and music and nature and did they ask God to bless and gift future generations with that same love?I'm blessed to pray for and with our granddaughter Hope.But I wonder if I had any prayin' grammas?Maybe I'll know someday.Maybe I won't.But I think I'll just enjoy what I've got.A faith in God and family and friends who love me.And I'll continue to be a prayin' gramma.
Image courtesy of Snapshots of Joy


sparrow's song said...

What a privilege to have the opportunity to speak into the lives of grandchildren. I hope you many years of being able to be a godly influence.

I've been praying for a while now, for future generations. For the grandchildren of my grandchildren. That's how far in advance my vision goes. After that, I'm thinking either the Lord will return or God will raise another to carry the torch for any generations beyond that.

God bless!!

sparrow's song said...

p.s. I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to your Sonific Music of piano/string Josh Groban tribute this morning as I worked on the new condensed Persecuted Church image. Please come view that image in the Scripture Tag Library when you have time. Thank you for the awesome piano/string music. I'm going to request that CD as a Christmas gift. Or if I get my Ipod, I may download it or both!

Sharon said...

A privelege indeed Sparrow for I never had children of my own due to many issues(physically mostly).So,I have a step-granddaughter named Hope and one"in the oven" in Arizona due to arrive early next summer.:-)It is a blessing and honor to be able to talk with Hope regularly about Jesus and to know she loves Him and speaks with Him as well.I am glad you liked my musical choices.I have loved really beautiful music my whole life.But I just adore Josh Groban's music.I could listen that boy 24/7.LOLI am hopeful of getting some of his CD's in the future.:-)

Nancze said...

Hello Sharon, What a beautiful post and what a blessing our Grandchildren are to us. None have spent the night with us yet except Preston when he was very little but I can just imagine how wonderful it is to be there with them in prayer. God Bless. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the holiday Season so far. Love and ~hugs~

Sharon said...

Good to see you here.Thanks for your kind words.It has been a privelege to be Hope's gramma and to be loved by her and prayed for by her.And vice versa.I am well.Husband is well.And our resident fur ball Shadow is well.How are you today?

Jo said...

Your words of encouragement truly warmed my heart and I'm so glad you came back! Thank you for reading what I had to say... your own blog is a favored haunt of mine.
My mother raised me by the fireside with "Little Women" in hand and since Josephine March and I share the same name, I always loved the story (and still do!:)

Sharon said...

Bless your heart Jo.Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.I too love"Little Women."I have many sisters so could readily identify with the relationships in the story.:-)Your blog has become another favorite of mine(I have so many that I like to read on a regular basis).:-)I am thrilled to add yours to my list!Have a blessed weekend.