Monday, January 14, 2008


Whew!!What a month it's been here.Busy as can be.In addition to celebrating Christmas and New Year's we made a move.On December 31st.In the middle of a small ice storm.We now live in the same complex as our daughter and granddaughter.Being closer to family is a really good thing.We're still unpacking but settling in quite nicely I think.Though we will always love small town life we are adjusting to big city life very well.Smile.It's nice having our loved ones much closer.
Speaking of family I got an amazing gift for Christmas.More newly found cousins.Since finding my half sister on my dad's side in 2003 I have also discovered a massive amount of cousins.And a couple of aunts as well.Turns out my paternal grandmother had a whopping 19 children!Whew.That's alot of kids.No wonder I have cousins across the entire US and probably Canada as well.It's been an interesting trip.One I am enjoying immensely.Though not all the info I have learned about my dad and his family has been good I am thankful to have a Heavenly Father who never disappoints me.Big grin.
So,it's 2008.A new year has begun.A year of blank pages in life's journal gazes up at me.Beckons me to enter in.Stop and stay awhile.Leave a mark,my own unique mark on it's many pages.I pray that the marks I leave behind will bless many.Both near and far.But most importantly I pray God Himself will be blessed.It's all about Him anyhow,is'nt it?Have a blessed day everyone.
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sparrow's song said...

I hope your new home in the new year is thoroughly blessed. Did you have to downsize or do you have more than enough room? I never seem to have enough room for things or maybe it's just that I have too much stuff.

Sharon said...

Thanks for stopping by dear friend.Yes,We had to downsize.But,it's just stuff.Totally replaceable.:-)I am not much of a pack rat.Never have been.So,that's immensely helpful...

Barbara said...

Nice to meet you Sharon. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I see from your profile we have much in common.
We have just finished watching a new rendition of Pride and Prejudice and it was so enjoyable.

I will be coming back and looking through your blog. For my story it is the early years that giv e meaning to the later years so I would encourage you to start from the beginning. Ihave quite a way to go with it yet. Of course in once sense it will never be finished. More than anything it is a story of God's Grace and faithfullness. That's what it is about.

Willow said...

I saw your comment on Barbara's blog and I see that you are an Oregonian. I'm a native Oregonian but live in Southern California now.

Nancze said...

Dear Sharon, Thanks for all the prayers and visits. They mean so much to me. I don't get online for very long so it's taking me awhile to visit and get back to all my friends. Know I think of you each day. So glad your move went well and glad you are near family. They do mean a lot in our lives. As do precious friends. Thank you so much for your friendship. Love and ~hugs~ am still in much pain, but slowly am improving.

Mary DeMuth said...


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Sharon said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!Good to see you here.:-)I love P7P.A few years back my husband Steve bought me the set of videos with Colin Firth and Jenniffer Ehle.I love them.I need to watch them again.I have seen many other versions which I also enjoyed.However,my fave is the ones starring Colin Firth.Hope to see you here again.

Sharon said...

Hello Willow!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.:-)I am originally from Sacramento myself.Moved to Oregon in 1991 and have stayed ever since!I l love it here.My husband used to live in Southern CA.Where are you at now specifically?What part of oregon were you from?

Sharon said...

So happy to see you stop by.I hope you are soon completely healed.You are such a blessing to me dear friend.We are enjoying our new place.Can't wait for spring so I can beautify our patio!

Adrienne said...

Sharon -
Blessings to you in your new home. I'm in Canby. Where are you in the Willamette Valley from me? North or South?

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. I hope you will drop by again soon.
Blessings to you,

Sharon said...

How lovely to see you here.:-)Thank you for stopping by.We just moved from an apartment in Stayton to one in Salem.We now live in the same complex as our daughter and granddaughter.:-)Oh so helpful when we babysit...LOL...

Jo said...

I'm delighted to see how the Lord is blessing your life, Sharon, and as always, I'm going to leave your blog convicted and inspired. I just love your heart!

Sharon said...

Bless your heart and thanks for stopping by to encourage me.Big grin...I love your heart too which you so beautifully share on your blog...

Sharon said...

I am so happy and excited!I just now e-mailed you our address!Thank you so much for letting me know and for having this contest!:-)

Jo said...

And hello again! I've tagged you with a "book meme" and am eager to find which books are your favorite. There's no pressure at all - its merely a thought of you're interested.
Hugs and prayers!
- Jo
(Just come back to my blog to copy the questions.)

Yolanda said...

I live in McMinnville. Its a small world isn't it? Hope you have a terrfic week.

Sharon said...

Hi Yolanda!:-)
Glad to"meet"you!We just moved to Salem from the Stayton area.How did you find my blog?I must go look at yours when I have time.Have a blessed Sunday.
Sharon :-)