Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How Great

How great is our God.
Sing with me,how great is our God.
And all will see,how great,how great is our God.
This wonderful worship song by Chris Tomlin was what greeted me as I turned on the stereo prior to cleaning our small kitchen this morning.I never cease to be amazed at how a sense of God's presence can make the most mundane of tasks a simple joy.God's presence changes everything,does'nt it?
Image from SOJ graphics.
Lyrics to chorus above by Chris Tomlin


Jo said...

That song has seen me through many a dark and foreboding moment... thank you for blessing me with the reminder of our God's faithfulness and greatness!

Sharon said...

I know exactly what you mean Jo...It is a favorite of mine for sure.Thank you for stopping by and for leaving words to bless me.

sparrow's song said...

you shared,
"God's presence changes everything,does'nt it?"

Most definitely. To be more Christ conscious changes our attitude about situations and circumstances. It can be the defining line of having hope or entertaining despair.

debbiewhitlock said...

Chris Tomlin is awesome. I his CD and it is about wore out.

Have a great day.


Sharon said...

Sparrow and Debbie~
Amen!Thanks to you both for stopping by and blessing me with your words and presence.Good to"see"you both here!