Monday, February 11, 2008

Pleasantly Surprised

I've received some pleasant surprises lately.And I'm just thrilled.The first was a"blog of excellence" award from Debbie Whitlock over at"Just My Thoughts"( ).What a blessing and an honor.I'm truly grateful and humbled all at the same time.Thank you Debbie for your kindness.

The second surprise is we've had about 4 days of spring like weather here in the Willamette Valley.Partial sun and temperatures in the mid 50's.A real surprise and blessing for those of us who live here.Winter is usually dark,damp, and dreary.This winter has been like this.My husband is even more thrilled than I am as he absolutely hates winters here.He lived 20 years in Southern California before moving up here in 1991 and meeting and marrying me in 1992.So,these winters wear on him.We've also been noticing it's staying light past 5 in the evenings.Another sign of spring's nearness.I know,I know it's more than a month away on the calendar but try telling our temperatures and clearing skies that.Smile.



sparrow's song said...

Congrats on your award!

We had abnormally warm weather today too. In fact, we opened the windows for a while and let in the sweet air.

Is spring really a little over a month away? I'm thinking since we had winter come in like a lamb it'll go out like a Lion. Yikes!

Shari said...

Isn't it exciting to get a little Spring like weather. Today, it reached 44*F and some of our snow started to melt. My middle daughter went for a walk in a dress and snow boots with bare legs and no coat. To her, it was warm. She is used to playing outside in 20*F weather. February is half over. It won't be long now. You sure have some beautiful pictures on your blog.

Sharon said...

Amen Sparrow!
Though our skies have clouded over again here and it is cooler I have been seeing little green daffodil shoots all over town lately.Flowers are not far behind!!!Woo Hoo!Praise the Lord!!
Love~Sharon :-)

Sharon said...

Bless your heart Shari for your kind words.I am a lover of beauty.Especially flowers.:-)It is indeed exciting to see spring in the middle of February.Rain weary Oregonians such as my husband especially love it!Bless you and thank you for stopping by.:-)~Sharon