Saturday, July 12, 2008

I am,I think Meme

I have been tagged by my dear friend Jo!So here are my answers to these wonderfully thought provoking phrases.I shall decline tagging anyone for Jo and I share many of the same blog friends and I got no response last time I tried this!

I am
: A much loved child of an awesome God.

I think
:God is the greatest artist there is.

I know: His plan for my life will be accomplished.

I have: Many who call me sister and friend.

I wish: I was thin.

I hate
: Those things that separate people from God .

I miss
: Many things and people.

I fear
: Circumstances will remain the same.

I feel
: Peaceful this morning.

I hear:The hum of our fans and husband's occasional snoring.

I smell: Freshly made coffee and the smell of a summer morn.

I crave: Books,books and more books.

I search:For God's will and for beauty as well as inspiration.

I wonder:What my family and friends are up to right now?

I regret: That I couldn't go to College.

I love
:God,His creation,and all that is beautiful.

I ache: For those who need to be set free from sin's clutches.

I am not
: Lonely.

I believe: God is good all the time.

I dance: Seldom.

I sing:Often.

I cry
:When needing to release stress.

I don't always:Do that which I should do.

I fight
: Seldom.

I write:Because I love it!

I win:In the end!

I lose:My patience sometimes.

I never
: Say"never!"

I always:Try to remember to say "thank You."

I confuse:My priorities sometimes.

I listen
:To beautiful or inspirational music most all the time.

I can usually be found:Writing or reading or cooking or cleaning.

I am scared: That inspiration in writing shall never return.

I need:To find Him once again.

I am happy about
:My life in general.

I imagine:Heaven will be an amazing place!


Jo said...

Oh my... it's amazing how much you can learn about someone through a meme like this, Sharron! What a strong woman you are. Here's to my writer friend!

Sharon said...

Bless you for such encouraging words Jo.I like to read stuff like this as well for one can learn so very much about another this way!Blessings upon you and yours~Sharon

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hi Sharon, I just popped over via Jo's blog and am delighted to meet up with you. I, too, took part in the meme. I sat quietly and just spilled out. It was wonderful. As I am on a limited blogger "time" budget, I shall simply say hello and journey out in to your site for a wander with a kindred. We share much in common I can see just from the opening post. Nice to meet you. : )

Sharon said...

Hi Debbie!
So nice to"meet"you!I currently live in Oregon but was born and raised in Sacramento till age 30.What part of CA are you in?I look forward to perusing your blog here in just a minute...Blessings~Sharon

breaths of the heart said...

Its so nice to see a bit into someones heart, thank you for sharing with us!

Sharon said...

And thank you Victoria for stopping by with your kind comments!Blessings~Sharon

Mary said...


I certainly enjoyed learning more about you. You are an inspiration. I love your flower meadow sounds of nature. I love bird songs.

The boys and I did have a great time fishing on Saturday. I just wish the camera had worked. They were both smiles from ear to ear.

Blessings for a great week.

Sharon said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such nice comments!Bless your heart and here's to more fun fishing trips!Blessings~Sharon

sparrow's song said...

you shared,
I know: His plan for my life will be accomplished.

Yes! We do know because the Spirit within us bears witness that He is able to perform all that He has said.

There's something very special about your blog today. I think it's a touch of Jesus reaching through you. Thank you for being a willing vessel.

Sharon said...

Bless you,bless you,bless you Sparrow!Love~Sharon