Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Child's Garden

Flowers by Jesse Wilcox Smith

There is a garden in every childhood,
an enchanted place where colors are brighter,
the air softer,and the morning more fragrant
than ever again.
~Elizabeth Lawrence~

I am babysitting and proofreading again today but I just had to share this beautiful picture and quote I found with all of you .


Teri said...

I love the pictures you find. They are so pretty. Do you have one site that you go to or do you find them all over?

Sharon said...

Hello Teri!
I find them at and at Happy picture hunting!Love~Sharon

L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, the blessings of a garden. Captured here so beautifully.

Sharon said...

Hello L.L.!
Isn't this picture exquisite?I was so amazed by it when I saw it.I just love the colors.Thanks so much for stopping by!Blessings~Sharon

Victoria (Vii) said...

I love reading all of the quotes that you find, they are such an inspiration to my day, I would love to know where you get them! I need to find a book of quotes!

Sharon said...

Hi Victoria!
I just type the kind of quote I'm looking for into any search engine and see what comes up!I am so happy to know that they inspire you...Thanks for stopping by.Blessings~Sharon