Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Conversations While Coloring


I was busy trying to proofread a manuscript today while babysitting our granddaughter Hope along with my husband Steve.None of Hope's friends could play so she hung around me and prattled on and on.I knew it was time to break from proofing so I suggested to Hope that we go color.She and I have great conversations while coloring.We talked about colors to use and our individual pictures and such.As often happens our conversations turn to deeper subjects such as matters of faith.I rejoice to know that she is well acquainted with Jesus.In fact she is amazed when others do not believe in Him!For all her social ways she is still a very deep thinker and has very strong opinions on God and His ways and Word.She knows that sometimes He has to say no to our requests if not in our best interest.Amazingly she is appalled by greed in the world. She was very distressed by the merger between Microsoft and another corporation when her mother told her that it was most likely motivated by money and the desire for more of it...Hope boldly proclaimed there were more important things in the world than money!But I digress.As we colored and chatted today Hope suddenly looks at me and declares that"Bad people have small,black hearts."I listened for I knew more was coming.Smile."And"she says..."Good people have big,red hearts!"I smiled and said"Yes,I think you are right Hope."She's 7 and still too young to realize that we live in a world where things are not so easily and simply determined.Sadly, we live in a time when the good guys don't always wear white and have big red hearts.Deception abounds.Political correctness has muddied and turned to gray all but the most discerning of hearts.Bad guys often masquerade as"angels of light."And it seems all good is almost non-existent.But,I think it is all just an appearance.An apparition.For I saw goodness today in the big red heart of a child.And I smiled.


Paula said...

Such a sweet post. I can just picture the two of you coloring away, you with your grandma smile firmly in place!

Sharon said...

Thank you Paula...yes,my smile was firmly in place!Blessings~Sharon

Jo said...

It's amazing how much little children accomplish in our hearts, isn't it? I loved this post... through your writings I can perfectly envision you as a person... what a lovely vision that is!

Sharon said...

Bless your heart dear Jo...yes,she has accomplished much in this sometimes too mature heart of mine.Bless you for stopping by and for leaving such kindness...Love~Sharon