Saturday, September 06, 2008

Prayer Needed

Please keep us in your prayers.
Husband and Granddaughter have picked up a nasty bug of some kind and are coughing,sneezing and congested.Please pray that April and I continue to stay well and that Steve and Hope will be fully healthy soon.I have come to despise illness in all it's varied forms.Most likely due to the fact that I was raised by a chronically ill mother as well as all the hospital and doctor time Steve and I have had in the last 6 years.Can any of you relate?It just can make me cranky if I let it so I have been praying and cleaning with antibacterial stuff and disinfectant stuff A LOT this last few days!So I would surely appreciate prayers on our behalf.We are to babysit a lot in the days to come and I just hate down time due to illnesses.Thanks so very much dear readers.It is much appreciated.



Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh, my precious praying friend, I join you in feeling crabby about illnesses and afflictions, but also in rejoicing that we have a God who sees it all. I have been away tending to my own family of late, but am relaxing a bit and "goin' visitin'" around the blogdom. Many pretty changes around here. I am off to explore further. Rest and keep the hearth comfy as knowing you do not kneel alone in your prayer time. I'm right beside you. : )

Mary said...

Praying for Grandpa and granddaughter. Be sure to give them LOTS of Vitamin C and get them some Respiractine at the health food store. Grandpa can also take Breathe Easy Tea or ginger root tea. It helps the congestion. I am not sure how old Hope is, so you would have to ask if she can have it. I believe she can have the ginger root tea and do know children can take Respiractine. My grandsons get it at the first sign of congestion.

Hope this helps and thanks so much for stopping by my Writing Nook and commenting. I hope to get to know you better. Love the fall scene below.


Sharon said...

Thanks so very much for the kind and encouraging words here.Both seem to be doing somewhat better at this point in time.Thank you for praying.I know this too shall pass but sometimes it wears on me.God is faithful though and I am grateful.Blessings~Sharon

Sharon said...

Thank you and bless you Mary.:-)Hope will soon be 8 and my husband Steve is 56!Both have been coughing less so I know the prayers have been working!Thank you.I look forward to getting to know you better as well.Blessings~Sharon