Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Round Two

Our granddaughter Hope had a follow up appointment with her doctor today.She was seen recently and diagnosed with a urinary tract infection.Today's appointment revealed it has gotten worse.She seemed to be doing better and then BAM!It was revealed that the apparent lull was only the calm before the storm.At least now our daughter is getting a referral for her to a urologist!And speaking of our daughter...April could use your prayers as well.She is an underemployed single parent and needs more work.Steady work with regular hours and weekends off.Things just keep getting tougher.And I keep praying more and more.And honestly,at times it seems as if God has fled the scene.Which is why we are to look to Him and not at the circumstances themselves.I will confess that His ways are hard to understand at times.Which often leaves me frustrated.But I must continue to trust,continue to ask.And thank Him for the answers.So,please keep us all in your prayers at this challenging time.It's hard for me to watch them struggle and suffer.Thank you all dear readers.



Debbie in CA : ) said...

Dear Sharon,

I am packing to take my daughter Lydia to San Diego for a birthday trip and a visit with big sis away at college. I was just popping on to make a whirlwind tour of a couple of blogs, but I had to stop and comment on your post.

I shall continue to keep your precious family in my prayers. It does seem to be worsening under the watchful eye of God and one could pause to wonder or worry. BUT . . . you have expressed it so well -- we KNOW what we cannot see. We TRUST what the world conceals. And so we walk on with our eyes trained on Him and his promises . . . HOPE.

I wish you peace and rest and refreshment during this difficult leg of the journey. There have been times when I felt so alone and in the dark . . . where was GOD? Then I discovered: I was sitting in the shadow of His wing. Then I rested peacefully.

I hold you all in my prayers. Rest easy, sweet friend.

XO ~~ Debbie

Sharon said...

Dearest Debbie...Thank you so much for your kind words,your friendship and your prayers on our behalf.Sometimes I get battle fatigue.Big grin.And it is good to know there are others lifting up my war weary arms...Bless you dear friend~Sharon

ruth at comfort cafe said...

Hi Sharon,

Always appreciate your comments on my site. I'm hoping to get back "on the circuit" soon.

I am contacting all the sites on our blogroll. If you link to us, please update our URL to www.comfort-cafe.net/blog (the old was sold out from under us). Also, if you'd like to add an image button, let me know and I'll send you the code.

Thank you so much for helping us stay networked.

"The Lord is close to a broken heart..." Ps. 34:18

Sharon said...

Hi Ruth!
Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me the heads up on the changes over at Comfort Cafe!Blessings~Sharon