Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Dramatic

To begin this post I must clarify something.The image you see here is an exact replica of our cat Shadow that I found on the web.This is not our Shadow but was found under black cats here.Our cat Shadow differs in the collar color(emerald green to bring out his dramatic eyes) but is the same in every other way.I do not know how to use our scanner yet so cannot download images of our sweet boy.That being said I am constantly amused by his feline antics.He has been a continual source of fun and joy.He's also quite dramatic at times.Like today.Picture with me, if you will, a man.Any man.This man has been in the desert for weeks.Okay maybe days.He's hungry.Covered in desert dust.Parched,cracked skin is stretched over bones.His mouth is dry.He sees an oasis in the distance."Oh,if only I can make it to that place of sustenance,"he thinks to himself."With the last bit of energy and vitality left within his weakened body he crawls his way to the shade of a palm.He is half crawling,half laying on his side.He's so weary.Exhausted.With one arm,he reaches toward an inviting pool of water and some fruit scattered on the ground,just out of reach.He collapses there,and stays that way for several minutes,left arm outstretched toward the life giving water and food.Now picture that man about the size of your average house cat,covered in black fur with green-gold eyes and a long black tail,body mere inches from food and water bowls,paw extended dramatically and you have a very accurate picture of the drama played out in our apartment this morning by our cat Shadow.Can you picture this in your mind?Got the image?Good,now enjoy it!Have a good laugh.I know we did.Have a blessed night dear friends.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like our little puppy my son received as a Christmas gift. She too is funny to watch and brings us joy. God bless you my friend.
Yours in Christ,
Bren (Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path)

Sharon said...

Your puppy sounds cute!I just love animals.One of God's greatest gifts I think.:-)Blessings~Sharon