Sunday, January 11, 2009

What To Do

I really like this picture.I can identify with it.This gal looks just slightly overwhelmed.I too get that way from time to time.The time I want to give to those things I am passionate about such as reading or writing get swallowed up by more mundane tasks such as cooking.Or cleaning.Now,Martha Stewart I am not.But neither am I Mary of Bethany.I am somewhere in between and I long to be both at any given time.I think that a worthwhile goal for 2009 for me would to be to find more balance in my life.To somehow restructure my life and reorganize my time so that I may do those things I have to do such as laundry and bill paying and to also do those things that I truly love to do,those things I believe God is speaking to me about doing.Like perhaps writing a devotional book.I am still praying on this.And honestly I do not know how to accomplish such a task both time wise as well as knowledge wise.Hence I am praying.Seeking Him earnestly.And wondering how some people seem to do it all.I don't know about you,my dear readers but I often get frustrated over such things.And then I once again, have to give it all,frustration included,back to the Father,as an offering of sorts.He is the only One I know who can take the tangled skein of yarn that is often my life and turn it into a thing of beauty.Say,a lovely afghan.Smile.What to do,what to do.I think for me,at this point,it is prudent to simply continue in prayer to the Father.Continue to ask Him about the meaning of a dream He gave me at night recently,while I slept.And make loads of time to listen.Also,to do what I can in the natural,physical realm to get,and stay organized.To guard my time so that life runs as much like a well oiled machine as is possible.To not waste this gift of 24 hours each day that He has given.Perhaps that is truly all any of us can do really.What say you,dear readers?
Blessings all,Sharon


Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

You have been in my prayers. I feel a bit overwhelmed by this life too. It's o.k. God is in Total Control, dear sister friend. Just as I am leaving this comment a beautiful doe came into our backyard. Don't give up, Our Lord will guide you through.
Your site is beautiful and is such a blessing to me. I recently received an award and I would like to pass it on to you. You can check it out on my site.
Your friend in Christ,

Sharon said...

Dear Bren:
Your comments bless and encourage me.Thank you for them.I am glad you enjoy my site.I want it to be a place of beauty,in a sometimes ugly world.I will stop by as soon as possible to collect your kind gift so graciously bestowed.Love~Sharon

Denise said...

Oh I know how you feel, I sometimes look at the other blogs and read what they are up to and what is going on in their lives and I wonder how in the world do they do that.. I want to read more and study more and yes even write a book....... Now where in the world do I find time for that? I will pray for you my friend that God open the door for those things that HE has placed in your heart........ and I will pray that HE will give you time..........


Sharon said...

Oh I hear you Denise.I am continually amazed at what I see others accomplish in any given time frame.But I have a different life that includes a husband home full time on disability and a granddaughter whom we watch a lot at times.So I must not compare but merely trust Him to bring it all to fruition in His own way and time.Blessings~Sharon