Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Danny Hahlbohm

Merry Christmas and a blessed,prosperous and healthy New Year to each of you who read this.I just love this picture(and all it's many variations I have seen over the years as well).It puts things in the proper perspective.In the right place.:)No matter what the commercials may say Christmas is about the Savior.Holiness wrapped in humanity.The Light of the World entering sin filled darkness.Truth taking on fallacy.All this ensconced within a tiny baby,born in a barn,thousands of years ago.A baby who's birth was herald by angels and attended by lowly shepherds and stable animals.Such humble,common beginnings.But there was greatness within.This baby was God come in human form.Love,pure,passionate,holy love came down that first Christmas.The eternal God entering a world He created but marked by boundaries of time and space.And it changed the world,and our lives forever!May the peace,joy and presence of God be yours this Christmas.May you know Him in a deeper way in the year to come.And if you have never met the Savior,I urge you to ask Him to make Himself real to you at this time.Commit your life and all you are to Him.Your life will never be the same.:)

Blessings and Merry Christmas~Sharon

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