Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday Saying

"Oh!lovely voices of the sky
Which hymned the Saviour's birth,
Are ye not singing still on high,
Ye that sang,"Peace on"earth"?"
~Felicia Hernans~

Christmas has changed a lot since the angels first heralded to a few lonely shepherd's our Savior's birth.Many have gotten trapped in the miry web of materialism.Others have tried to totally do away with any religious references opting for"Happy Holidays"instead of "Merry Christmas."Perhaps they think that they will also do away with our Savior if they change the usual greeting this time of year.But they cannot do away with Jesus for that baby in the manger did not stay there.He grew up and became a man.The"light of the world."The one who would die for us to save us from our sins.Some forget that.They only see the child,the baby.They do not see the man He became.Healing the sick,casting out demons,raising the dead.He did not stay the same.That baby changed,grew up,changed the world.Turned the world on it's head in a sense.:-)How we personally celebrate it here has changed as well.Since having to sell off all our Christmas stuff a few years back to make ends meet we have been unable to decorate our home in any way for the Christmas season.Initially I struggled with that.I missed our little tree and the lights,etc.I missed sitting in a darkened room,looking at the twinkling lights and shiny ornaments.But life had changed and we had to change along with it.As time has passed and we have adjusted to the changes my heart has adjusted as well.I no longer sigh with sadness over the loss of a few Christmas decorations.I enjoy this season of celebration just as much as I used to but inside I've released the hold all the trappings of the season had upon me.It did not come easily for I had loved decorating for Christmas since I was a child.But it did eventually come.Healing.A changed heart.That baby in a manger changed the world of a few lowly shepherds forever and He still changes hearts and lives today as the man Jesus,our Savior!
Blessings and Merry Christmas~Sharon


Susan P. said...

I'm so sorry you had to sell all of your Christmas decorations, but in the end it seems like you were given a most precious gift that money cannot buy! Wishing you a most blessed and joyous Christmas, Sharon.

Sharon said...

Indeed I was Susan and in many ways I am grateful for that gift for it has seen me/us through much worse.:-)God is so amazingly good!\0/