Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Day,New Week,New Year

I was up early as usual this morning to write in my journal.I have discovered,over the years,that for me,I am better able to focus if I write out my prayers to God.That is not to say that I do not pray verbally for I do.But I primarily write Him"letters."As I was speaking to Him about the year,the week,the day ahead I asked that He would bless them with His favor and goodness no matter what may come.As I wrote that I pondered how ominous that sounded.:) But then I quickly remembered that each new season has both the potential for good and bad to happen.That's how life is for us all,in one form or another, on planet earth.Times of hardship and times of His obvious favor.As I thought on all this I told God that I,in all honesty,could not have complete confidence or faith that this next year would contain only good things and nothing bad.Walking through the things husband Steve and I have faced changes you.It definitely polishes away much of the confidence in self and makes one realize that apart from Him we can do nothing(John 15:5).I shared these feelings very freely with God and as I poured out my heart to Him in my journal I began to hear Him speak His word to me over and over again in my spirit"You crown the year with a bountiful harvest..."I knew it was in the Psalms so I looked it up and found this..."You crown the year with a bountiful harvest,even the hard pathways overflow with abundance."(Psalm 65:11).Oh how that encouraged me to know even if life gets hard we can know His abundant provision in the midst of the hardships!That His presence,His power and all that God is,will be available to us as His children to see us through the good times and the bad.That His bounty is a crown upon the year ahead and that even in the hard places His provision will overflow in abundance.Be encouraged child of God.He is for you and will be there with you whatever may come.


Denise said...

His abundant provision in the midst of the hardships" Beautiful statement and that is the TRUTH of our lives..... HE has ABUNDANT grace to pour over our lives.

I love that you "pray" in your journal.. I AM going to start tomorrow!

Thank you for your friendship...

Sharon said...

And thank you for your friendship as well dear Denise.:)I have found that writing out my prayers has been extremely helpful in being consistent.It helps keep me focused and quiets me internally as I scratch out prayers and thoughts on the page.Love you~Sharon