Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
Whether you have a Valentine to share this day with or not, remember,that a Love much stronger than any earthly love holds you safe and strong in His arms.The love of God will keep you in ways that an earthbound love can never do.God's love is eternal,entire and lacking nothing.So be blessed this day in the knowledge that God loves you,His wonderful creation.
Blessings and Love~Sharon


Vicki said...

Hey sweet friend. Thank you for your love and friendship! Oh, these flowers are so gorgeous...don't you just love how God created so many different types of flowers for us to enjoy? Now why would He go and do that? Because He LOVES US! So thankful that His love is never-ending and unconditional, too.

Been praying for you, hoping you know I'm in your balcony, cheering for you, caring, and going to the Father on your behalf. Keep writing, as you're able, and know that the Author and Perfector of our faith is writing on your heart!


Sharon said...

Dearest Vicki:
So glad to have you as both a friend and cheerleader.Thank you seems so inadequate...These roses were my Christmas gift from Steve.I just love them and was so thankful to have our digital camera to capture them forever.We found said camera for $10.00 at a garage sale last year and it works perfectly!Thank you for the encouragement to continue writing.Have not written much as of late but want to pick up my pen again.Love you~Sharon