Thursday, August 11, 2005


There is a male in my life other than my husband and step-son who loves me.He is someone other than God too.In fact he is not related to me at all.He is black.And short.And he has loved me from the moment we met after we moved into this complex in June.He lives in the next building to the west of us.And he is crazy about me.His name is Buddy.Every time he sees me he runs to greet me.He has four legs and is a part Terrier,part Bichon Frise puppy owned by our neighbor Robert and his wife. :-)From the beginning Buddy was never afraid of me much to the amazement of Robert.One of the other long time tenants called Buddy cute once.Buddy ran away from them as fast as he could.But he has never done that with me.I think Buddy knows I love animals of all types.He knows I would never hurt him in any way or any animal.Buddy is simply adorable with black,slightly out of control fur and huge brown eyes.He fills me with joy every time I see him.I love to see his enthusiastic response to my presence.On more than one occasion Buddy has almost choked himself with his own leash while straining hard to get to me and just lavish his puppy love upon me.He is usually out of breath and panting some by the time he reaches me but he still lavishes his love on me.I do not know why he loves me like he does.He just does.I have not given him food or shelter or puppy treats.He just loves me because he sees something in me that perhaps only a puppy can see.God is like that.He simply loves us because.We cannot earn His love.He delights in our presence.And I think it makes Him happy when we come to Him and just lavish our love on Him like Buddy does me.Our desire to lavish love on God should be with the same passion that Buddy exhibits with me.Straining with all that is in us to be in His presence and lavish our love on mGod.We should have the same excitement about being in God's presence.Psalm 42:1 says"As the deer pants for streams of water,so my soul pants for you O God."If your longing to be in His presence just because is or has been waning ask Him to fill you with that love and passion once again.A passion to just love God again.No strings attached.Just because.


Ellen said...

Puppy love! It's a great thing!

Sharon said...

I agree Ellen!That little guy saw us in our van yesterday talking to the onsite manager here.He wanted so bad to be free of his leash to come see us!:-)Saw some more cute dogs while garage saling today.Friendly,happy"greeters"at a sale out in the country.Big and adorable!They probably would have tried to climb in our van with us had we parked nearby....LOL Thanks for stopping by Ellen.
ps considering deleting my blog.Don't know though.So,not sure how long I'll be blogging.

shannon said...

Hi Sharon!

What a cute story. And a great illustration!

Why are you considering deleting your blog? You shouldn't, you know. Just write whenever you get a thought you want to share.

I'm sorry I don't get over here often. Some days I barely have time to post, let alone visit. But your posts are always inspiring and I always enjoy what I read here. Hope you keep it up!

voixdange said...

This reminds me so much of a very early post on my blog entitiled Max about a stray cat. Great Post.

haroldalexander8647 said...
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steve said...

God Bless!

If you get a chance could you please say a prayer for a little girl named "Rebekah" who has cancer. God knows who you will be praying about! Thank you so much!

Trying to rally some good Christian Prayer for her and her family!

Sharon said...

Hi Shannon,
Was having a down day when I had considered deleting my blog.Have decided to keep at it and continue psoting as I feel led.God bless you and thank you for stopping by and for encouraging me too.

Sharon said...

Hi Angie,
Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words about my post.May God bless and keep you.

Sharon said...

Will pray for Rebekah as the Lord brings her to mind.God bless brother.We're in Oregon too.
In Christ,Sharon

Brooke said...

Hi Sharon,

Wow... what a great blog! Thanks for sending me the link. God has given you a wonderful gift of taking the usual things in life and seeing the spiritual in them, and then sharing them in a way that communicates God's Truth in amazing ways. Wow... Thanks so much for your willingness to share what God lays on your heart. Btw, do you mind if I link to you from my blog? It may not show up with the links for a little while, as I need to republish my blogroll for it to show, but I'd love to have a link from my site to yours. Let me know.

Again, thanks so much for allowing God to use you in this ministry. God bless you, Sharon, and keep up the good work.


Sharon said...

Yes,you may add me to your blogroll.And thank you so very much for your kind words of encouragement to this middle-aged step-mom.:-)I feel so blessed to be able to share God's heart through my own unique"views"on things.God is so very awesome,is HE not?He constantly amazes me.You keep up the good work too Brooke!Blessings on you and yours.
Sharon :-)

BHGA said...

Hi Sharon,

I am visiting you from Paul @Hill Country Thoughts and enjoyed all that your wrote here...there is such beauty when writing is done from the heart. Do you mind if I link to you?....keep your genuine spirit..and please don't delete your blog...believe in your heart that what you write is from and for our Father....We need people like you who are glorifying the Kingdom and not themselves...I will pray for you that He will reveal that to you.


Sharon said...

Hi Donna,
I would be honoured if you would link to me.You have my full blessing and permission to do so!God bless you.I'm going to check your blog out too. :-)
Sharon Goemaere

Mary J. Yerkes said...

Great entry! There's just something about that wagging tail and slobbering tongue. You gotta love it!

Sharon said...

Hi Mary!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.Yes,both my husband and I love that little,black bundle of joy called Buddy....Buddy loves my husband as much as he loves me.It has been that way from the beginning.He just loves us with utter abandon.I feel we should all love God that way!God bless you.Thanks for stopping by.I'm going to go have a look at your blog now.:-)