Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Ecclesiastes 3:1 says"There is a time for everything,and a season for every activity under heaven."I thought of this particular verse recently as Steve and I were heading to a garage sale(did I mention we love garage sales? :-) ).It was out in the country and was on a road called"Irish Glen Lane."Now,being of Irish ancestry on my dad's side of the family,I really love the name of that lane.It conjures up lovely images of green,windswept countryside and ancient,crumbling castles.As I drove us to this sale I was noticing our own countryside.Large clumps of evergreen trees and shrubs dotted the landscape broken up only by large,yellow patches of freshly mowed hay.The hay had not been bundled(baled?) yet.Acres of it lay strewn about the ground like wounded soldiers after an intense battle.I liked the look of it.It reminded me that autumn is just around the corner.Yes,I know summer has not been here very long weather wise in Oregon.But I just love autumn.I love it's cooler weather.The misty mornings. The riot of warm color that falls from the sky when a brisk wind detaches leaves from their delicate hold on trees.These things fill me with joy and anticipation.As I observed and pondered all this I realized something else.That more than my love of autumn I liked watching the change,the transition of one season into another(my favorite though being the summer to autumn due to being born and raised in Sacramento till moving to Oregon at age 30).Each season has it's beauty.It's joys and blessings.It also has it's pitfalls.It is just like the seasons of our lives.We have our joy-filled times and our times of sorrow and even death.But seasons change.We do not live in an endless summer.And winter is not a permanent fixture either.And through all these changes in the seasons whether on the calendar or in our lives Jesus is there through summer and winter.Good times and bad.He does not change.He says in Malachi 3:6"I am the Lord,I change not.... ."He is ever faithful.Always loving.Always there.HE can be trusted to be there for you no matter what season you find yourself in at this time in your life.Blessings to all.


Ellen said...

I love garage sales too, although I certainly don't need to buy anything else! :-)
I like the seasons, but I wish winter were only a month long instead of 5 months!
I am so thankful the Lord doesn't change. He is the one solid thing I can always count on!
Thanks for writing Sharon!

Sharon said...

Glad to find out you love garage sales too!:-)Our winters can be long here too but with loads of rain.Grey skies for weeks.But come spring.....daffodils,tulips,grape hyacinth and crocus!!And cherry trees!Pink and white!So,we endure the rain.:-)And pray for snow to give us some winter variety.Praise God HE does not change.We've had too many other changes in our life in recent years.:-(Thank you for stopping by Ellen.And thank you for writing too.