Sunday, January 22, 2006

Times of Transition

I love the month of Janruary.New Year.New beginnings.Fresh pages to fill in the journal of our lives.Time to relax after the busy holiday season is over.I also love this month because I know that in a couple of months spring will be here.New life bursting forth everywhere.The promise of warmer temperatures and sunny skies just around the corner.The promise of loads of color in our town after months of leaden skies and liquid sunshine.Change of pace.Change of scenery.Change of weather.Transition.The local weather guys called today a transition day.After about 2 months of rain literally we are due for about 3 days of partial sun.It will officially start tomorrow but today was the transition day.No rain.Partially clearing skies this afternoon.A noticeable drop in the temperature due to the clearing skies.As we drove about town on this transition day there were amazing signs of life everywhere.People were out walking in the cold afternoon sun.The bare trees and the snow capped mountains east of here shouted to us that it is still Janruary.But we saw signs of imminent changes in the weather as well as the season.We saw small buds on the bare trees.Crocus were beginning to bloom in a neighbor's yard.Daffodils and tulips were sending up their slender green stalks through through dark earth to the warming sun above.Grey clouds parted and gave way to white,fair-weather,cotton ball clouds.Bits of blue sky began to herald the wonderful change.We are in a time of transition and I am loving it.Even optimists get weary of winter.Both on the calendar as well as in our lives.Steve and I are in a transition period here personally as well.Though I'll not share the details of the potential change I am looking forward to seeing God change not only the season weather wise but this particular issue that suddenly assaulted us this weekend.I am trusting God that just as the calendar is on the verge of a new season; a transition time to warmer weather and sunny skies, so are our lives on the verge of sunnier weather.
"For,lo,the winter is past,the rain is over and gone;
The flowers appear on the earth,the time of the singing of birds is come,
and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.
~~~Song of Solomon 2:11-12~~~


Brooke said...

Hi Sharon,

I love this! I am a definite "sun-chaser," and I am ready for winter to be over. In my life, this is also a time of transition, as noted on my blog. I'm ready for new things, and while I'm kinda exhausted right now due to too many projects and many late nights, I'm excited to see what God has in store for me and those I love as this new year gains its momentum. God bless, Sharon, and thanks for sharing!

Love in Christ,
P.S. Loved the Scripture as well!

Sharon said...

So glad you blogged by!Always nice to hear from you.Smile.I too am excited both for you and your new ventures and to see what goodness God has for all His children's lives this year.God bless you as well Brooke.Keep seeking Him!