Sunday, June 11, 2006

Be Still

"Be still and know that I am God..."Psalm 46:10

Recently Steve and I rented a marvelous DVD from our local video store.It was called"Be Still."It was a DVD about contemplative or listening prayer.I eagerly devoured it as we watched it.It had people such as Max Lucado talking about their experiences with contmplative prayer.They also discussed historical contemplatives such as Teresa of Avila and Julian of Norwich;names that were familiar to me due to my own study of this type of prayer.We often grow up with the idea that prayer is simply about asking God for things.Bless this.Provide for that.Heal this person.Let me win the lottery.Please give me a new car God.Those types of things.But prayer can be so much more than our lengthy list of requests.It is so much more.Though God has a listening ear when one of His children has a need He also has much He wants to say to us.Through His Word.And from His heart.We just need to learn how to listen.To put our list aside and trust Him to meet all our needs.The following is what I was inspired to write as I watched this DVD...
Cease all your striving.
Cease all your activity.
Cease all your doing.
And simply be,my child.
Still your heart.
Still your mind.
Still your spirit.
For it is in stillness that you can truly hear Me.
Know that I love you.
Know ME and MY will for your life.
Know that I am all you'll ever truly need.
I am God in the good times.
I am God in the bad times.
I am God when you awaken each day
and I am God when you close your eyes each night.
I am God and I am with you.
Any good relationship involves both talking as well as listening.It is my desire that I will really continue learn to listen to Him as well as talk to Him.To be still and know that He is God.


Ellen said...

Amen Sharon! Great reminders here. Prayer is an awesome privilege that we so often limit... Bless you! Ellen

Sharon said...

So good to see you stop by my blog.I know I have very often limited my prayer time and for what reasons I am not is an awesome privelege we are blessed to have.A time to talk with our Heavenly Father... :-)
And even more so a time to listen to Him...
Much Love,Sharon :-)

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