Thursday, June 22, 2006

Life's Unknowns

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God
~Corrie Ten Boom~
If we are truly honest with ourselves we will admit that life,even our carefully planned lives,are still full of unknowns.Questions about the future gnaw at our minds night and day.Will my job still be there tomorrow?What does the future hold for me?Will I marry?Have children?Will I stay single?What about my health?Life is full of unknowns.And that's why faith in God is so important.The strongest of us can crumble under all the weight of life's unknowns if we do not have a vital and growing faith in God.Yes,that faith can be sorely tested at times.We can experience unknowns in life even when walking with God.Many of God's choicest saints in the Bible faced times of not knowing what the future held.But in the midst of all the unknowns,all the questions,God proved Himself faithful time and time again.Sometimes we have to continue following Him into the great unknown of our future with our questions still burning in our minds unanswered.It is then that He makes Himself known to us and says trust Me with all your unknowns.


Ellen said...

Thanks for the good posts Sharon! Have a great day!

Sharon said...

Hi Ellen,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind words too dear friend.
Love,Sharon :-)

Brooke said...

Hi Sharon,

Wow, what a great post. It came at just the right time, too... (yes, I know you postd it awhile back, but I just read it, lol). Seriously, thank you so much for sharing it. There is a lot of wisdom in what you shared. God bless you, Sharon. Keep on sharing!

In Him,

Sharon said...

Hello Brooke!
Bless your heart.Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.:-)When I wrote that it was out of my own life's experiences.I've had many unanswered questions.I finally figured out that maybe I don't need them here anyhow and in Heaven they may not matter.It's all about Him anyhow.Not us and life's unanswered questions.Bless you again dear girl for stopping by.
In Him,Sharon :-)