Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

I just want to wish all you Fathers out there a Happy Father's Day!Enjoy the love lavished on you this day by your wives and children.And don't forget the LOVE of your heavenly Father either.Spend some time thanking Him for being your Father,always there for you,always loving you.
For those of you who feel more pain than joy today my heart goes out to you.Maybe your Father has passed away and you miss him.Maybe,like me,you never knew your earthly father.Or worse yet,you knew him and he abused or rejected you in some way.I have good news for you from God's word,the Bible.Psalm 27:10 says"Though my Father and Mother forsake me,the Lord will receive me."(NIV)Though today may be a sad day for you never forget that God is ready and willing to listen.And He is a Father that will never fail you.