Monday, May 07, 2007

A Gorgeous Day

When I awoke this morning I knew it was going to be a beautiful day!This picture reflects almost perfectly the kind of sky I saw as dawn slowly crept into town on silent cat paws.Just a few miles from here are lakes and mountains that very much resemble this.As I write this it is many hours later.And still lovely out.Sunny.Warm.Breezy.The kind of weather I have been eagerly anticipating for awhile now.This spring has been very gray.Damp.It gets like that in Oregon.But eventually the leaden skies give way to sunshine and blue.We hung a windchime from our apartment building today.It is a mosaic of glass pieces that form a bluebird in flight.I found it ages ago at a garage sale.It is lovely.I cannot wait for the sun to slowly wind it's way around the building to cast it's lovely glow on my chimes.It's beauty will be complete then.We have also planted some flowers in pots by our front door.Lavender pansies in one and mixed Dianthus in another.They are simply lovely.I jst love spring.We also hung bird feeders yesterday.Two of them.From a shepherd's hook.I asked my Heavenly Father to bring some birds to the feeders.He graciously answered my request.I was beckoned to my living room this morning by my husband Steve."Birds"he quietly said.I peered out the window to see house finches and sparrows eagerly eating the seed we had provided.They were so lovely I just kept saying"thank you Jesus."That is until our cat Shadow ran into the living room on lightning quick legs and scared them off by jumping into the window!They know there is provision here now and I think they'll be back.As I type this a neighbor is out mowing their lawn.It may be his first mowing since last summer.The scent of freshly mowed grass is intoxicating.Yep,it's a gorgeous day.God is good!


Paula said...

I love spring!! Thank you for so beautifully sharing it with me in this post.

Sharon said...

Hi Paula!
Thank you for stopping by my blog and for sharing such kind words!You blessed me.I too love spring.Especially after moving to Oregon and going through it's rainy season.It's seasons are more distinct than what I grew up with in Sacramento.More rain but also more beauty.Our lives can be like that too if we properly respond to the"rain"God allows...Have a blessed day friend...