Sunday, May 06, 2007

Guilty By Association

Steve and I watched a movie this afternoon that he had recorded at about 2 am this morning.It was called"Guilty By Association."I don't actually recall who starred in it or how old the movie was but it was a really good movie.It was about a woman sentenced to 20 years in prison simply for knowing a man who used and sold pot.It was wholly or partially based on actual events.I have never done drugs of any kind or been to prison(or jail even for that matter).But as I watched this movie I saw it as more than just a movie about the need for laws regarding this kind of stuff to be changed.I saw it as something that glaringly showed the importance of choosing your friends and associates wisely.This woman(a mother of two) did prison time for someone else's crime simply because she knew and associated with this guy and his druggie friends.When it came down to it his "friends" basically implicated her in order for them to get reduced sentences.She ended up getting the longest sentence out of all of them(though I think she only did time for about 8 years due to a law former President Clenton passed as I recall)simply because her boyfriend's"friends"essentially turned on her.These were not true friends on any level.True friends,in my opinion enecourage you to live godly lives.They pray for you.They are"there"for you come what may.True friends point you to Jesus.They urge you to live for Him.I have been blessed in my 45 years on this earth to have such friends from my youth to the present.I can recall many godly friends in my teen years whom I still remember today.Their godly influence has helped shape the person I have become.Not perfect.But not on drugs or in prison either.:-)These types of friends have prayed for me.Talked with me when I had questions.Reminded me that living for Jesus is what matters.That following His example of friendship is of the utmost importance.That godly friends are rare gifts to be treasured.They also reminded me of Jesus"example in John 15:13"Greater love has no man than this,that he lay down his life for his friends."Friends,they can be a blessing,or a curse.Choose your friends wisely.

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