Sunday, June 17, 2007

Friends and Family

We've had a nice time here recently.Our granddaughter Hope,age 6,has graduated from Kindergarten!They had a ceremony and everything.Big grin.Though we were unable to attend, our daughter April had recorded it so we will get to see it soon(we hope).They just left this morning to drive down to southern CA for a family vacation.Pray for traveling mercies and that they can relax and have fun.

Yesterday we had the blessing of seeing long time friends Pat&Brian Swan from Canada as they made their way back home to BC,Canada where they are farmers.They had gone down to central CA where Patricia's family lives for a vacation.Pat and I have been friends since the late 1980's.We both lived in Sacramento then.Were both single.Attended the same church and had many other things in common.We both married within just a few years of each other.She and husband Brian are 2 of our favorite people in the whole world.They both love to laugh.Brian has a charming Canadian accent.They are wonderfully down to earth.And they love God!Their visits are always short but always welcomed and always fun.It is our hope that sometime we may get to travel north to see them and beautiful BC.

A happy father's day to all of you dad's out there.I never knew my dad and my husband does not care too much about holidays so I don't think we will do anything special today.He was happy with a"happy father's day"from me and his daughter.Don't even know if we'll hear from our son in AZ.We hope to but won't hold our breath on that.Smile.He's working at more than one job so time to call even his parents is limited.

There is not much else going on in our lives at present so I think I'll close this post.Hope all of you have a blessed weekend with your Fathers and husbands.


chrisd said...

Just stopping for a little chat.

That picture is beautiful--did you take it?

My youngest was in Kindergarten. The teacher literally "kicked them out" of Kindergarten. Too funny!The kids and parents were giggling. She said she does that so that she doesn't start crying.

Hope you're doing well!

Sharon said...

Hello Chris!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!I wish I had taken this photo,but cannot take credit for it.It came with my Dell when we bought it in 2004!:-)Cute story you shared...LOL
I am well this morning all things considered...LOLHusband and I took a much needed daytrip over to Sisters,OR yesterday.Had lunch and looked around town some and came home.Was most refreshing!Thank you for asking and for stopping by.