Sunday, June 03, 2007

I've Got Sunshine...

This pic I found very accurately reflects our weather here lately.I just wish I could recall where I found this pic so I could give credit for it!Here in Oregon we thoroughly appreciate sun-filled days.Even our springtimes can be filled with much rain and skies the color of a#2 pencil lead.So we have been basking in the days and days of sun and unseasonably warm weather.I love this time of year for many reasons.The smell of mint and hay and fresh cut lawns.The fragrance of flowers in bloom and backyard BBQ's.Especially the smell of BBQ's!The riots of color that seem to erupt from even the most humble of homes due to the beauty of plants in bloom.Pink roses and purple Rhododendrons vie for one's attention.Where to look and at what?So much to look at.To observe.To take in.To drink in.Petunias and peonies.Gorgeous hanging baskets of fuschias.So much to see.To smell.To rejoice in and thank God for.Longer days.Warmer nights.The brighter moods of everyone around you due to all that lovely warm sun.Thank you Jesus for eyes to see.Ears to hear Your lovely birds each morning as they praise You in song.Thank You Jesus for noses that can smell all the wonders of late spring.For hands that can feel the softness of a rose petal or a neighbor's dog out enjoying the day with his owner.Thank You Jesus for all the joys that are late spring/early summer in the northwest.


Two Write Hands said...

Hi there. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for signing my guestbook. I always love new visitors. Enjoy the sunshine!

Sharon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.The sunshine has given way to cloud cover and cooler temps.It is supposed to be this way all week.But it's okay.We are used to the schizophrenic weather here. :-)

Paula said...

Thanks for a breath of fresh spring air. I needed it this morning.

And thanks for visiting GraceReign!

Sharon said...

Hi Paula,
Thanks so much for stopping by.When I wrote that post I needed it too.LOL The sunshine had come after an oh so gray and wet spring.I guess I was craving some of that good ol' Vitamin D!