Saturday, June 09, 2007


What do people need?As believers in Jesus Christ the obvious answer would be Jesus Christ Himself.And that is so very true.But people also need a sense of purpose.A sense of destiny.They need a reason to get up in the morning.Something to hope for.To look forward to.This is the stuff that was going through my mind a couple of days ago as I puttered around the apartment.I had a case of cabin fever but high gas prices have kept us home alot.And I do mean ALOT.God has placed my husband and I in a hard place,a rocky place.A barren place at least by American standards.Living on husband's SSI(due to his heart health issues&mild stroke)does not allow for much,if anything, beyond the necessities of life.And we are grateful daily that we have that!So,even though it was not a necessity(or was it?)we went for a drive.In the country.Which,living where we do,will put you there in about 5-10 minutes any direction.That in itself is a blessing.I eagerly anticipated what we might see and I was not disappointed.Plants and trees were in bloom and full leaf.The day,though cloudy, was somewhat bright.As we drove through the countryside I began to pray to the Father.I asked Him for grace.For strength.I had needed these things in abundance.I asked Him to forgive the unbelief that had stealthily crept into my heart.Lies from the enemy that said our God-given dreams would never come to pass.Whispers of discouragement from his little imps whose only job is to do his evil bidding.Essentially a major assault on my spirit.We continued our drive through the verdant countryside.Past babbling brooks and freshly plowed farmland.I continued to pray and discovered that what I most needed beyond the remedy to the cabin faver was to reconnect with my Savior.My Jesus.The One who loves me most.And the only One able to meet all my needs no matter what they are.What is your need today?Jesus can meet them all.


chrisd said...

Hope you're doing well today, Sharon!

Chris from Christian Corners!

Sharon said...

Hi Chris!
Thank you for stopping by my blog.I am much improved.Occasionally have those"funky"days but they seldom last.All it takes is a bit of refocusing and some outdoor time.Have a blessed weekend.