Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What a Difference

What a wonderful day we had yesterday!We took an oh-so-much-needed day trip over to the lovely Oregon Coast.We cannot do this very often due to our very modest income.But it was going to be hot both here and quite warm at the coast so off we went.Husband Steve figured a few degrees cooler would be a small respite.The drive over was incredibly lovely and we really enjoyed the newly paved road.Smooth sailing it was!We reached Lincoln City and were surprised to see FOG!And what we thought was going to be a small temperature difference was actually quite a large one.Probably a good 20-30 degree difference!It was so chilly we could se our breath and I loved it!It was soooo very nice.We had lunch at Mo's(famous for their clam chowder).I always order Fish n Chips as I LOVE it.It's a wonderful once or twice a year splurge meal.We sat on long wooden benches and enjoyed the coastal decor as we ate.The sun began to break through the fog in earnest.Bits of fog still clung to the coastline but the sun's warmth and brightness began to sparkle on the water and heat up the sand.Sheer bliss.We finished our meal at about noon and stepped outside.We could still see our breath!I relished the coolness and drank it all in.We drove back up towards the outlet stores mall and Steve dropped me off at the Tree of Life Bookstore.They have a great bargain rack in back.I found what I wanted and went outside to wait for Steve.He had gone to get some clip on sunglasses at a nearby shop.As I sat there I once again welcomed the cool ocean weather(can you tell I'm middle aged...?LOL).It was great fun people watching too as I sat there,bag of books clutched tightly in one hand and purse in the other.The friendliest folks I ran across were the ones who were going about emptying all of the many trash cans that overflowed along the shopping mall's many walkways.Steve suddenly appeared in our van and we went to find a place to look at the ocean.Not an easy task.It seemed no one works on Mondays in Oregon anymore.LOLWe finally found a place to park near the water and we watched it from inside our van.The water reflected the grey fog above but was still lovely!We had no coats or we may have braved the outside of the van for a short walk.After that we drove home and entered 96 degree weather.But it was good to be home.God had given us a wonderful day.Smile.


sparrow's song said...

How wonderful to get some time away. That is a really big difference in temps. I think I'll be checking the weather online for our vacation area when we go away this weekend; just in case. Enjoy your new books!

Sharon said...

It was wonderful.And so very needed.I will enjoy those new books...Thanks for stopping by